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2009 King County Sheriff’s Budget Proposal

Just wanted to give a heads up regarding the potential budget cuts affecting the King County Sheriff’s Department. According to King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, “under orders from the county budget office to trim spending in the face of a projected $68 million revenue shortfall, Rahr said she plans to eliminate at least 20 sheriff deputy positions, disband a domestic-violence unit and cut back on investigations into drugs, organized crime and ‘cold cases.'”

How do you think these proposed budget cuts will affect the CD?


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  1. in the end, the sheriff will decide where the cuts are made wrt geography and priority. she could cut most out of rural, unincorporated services, which is unlikely, and she could cut from in-city services or joint task force programs.

    So, it’s totally unclear a) if they’ll have to cut since the budget isn’t close to final, b) what those cuts would look like if they did make cuts to the sheriff’s office.

    I will say Rahr is playing some serious PR hardball.

  2. Will they directly affect the CD? I thought Seattle was covered by Seattle PD, not the sheriff’s office.

  3. You’re absolutely right that Seattle is covered by the Seattle PD. However, cutting funds for drug and gang investigations in the surrounding areas adjacent to Seattle cannot bode well for lowering crime.