LockSmith Scammer University District (SEATTLE POLICE REPORT)

LockSmith-Scam2At 3pm 10/8/2013, I was approached by an African American man (30-40’s) at my University District home. He introduced himself as “Patrick Lewis”, as a janitor that works at UW: Seattle who locked him and his boyfriend out of their apartment. He needed $3 and then $13.

Many people have posted about this guy so I won’t bother explaining everything about him.

The same scam to others:


A quick Google will show you his scams throughout the last 6+ years.

If you see this guy (if you are reading this.. you were probably approached by him already) please call Seattle Police ASAP and mention YOUR LOCATION and INCIDENT #2013-366065

If you write comments/posts about this topic… Please spread this incident number around!