Clean up advice?

So we recently looked behind our townhome complex on 22nd Ave S btwn E Yesler Way & Main St and noticed some jerks dumped a few items on the sidewalk like a set of truck tires and an ugly orange couch (who does that?!).  Both items are very unsightly and not quite sure how to go about removing them.  It’s not directly in front of or on anyone’s property so I’m concerned it’ll just stay there unless someone speaks up, or possibly get even worse by attracting more illegal dumping.  Anyone have any tips how to address this type of thing?  Would the city be inclined to take care of it since it’s blocking public walking space?

Side note – I suspect those idiots dumped their crap there because that little corner on 22nd right before Yesler is just overrun w/ some crazy looking weeds and bushes, so perhaps they thought no one would care?  However, we’ve been meaning to call the city and ask who should take care of that area because I checked w/ our neighbors and that is section not on any of our property lines. Technically it’s the city’s land and we’re not sure exactly who or which department we should talk to.  If anyone has any advice on that as well, we’d greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance! Hopefully we can get that street looking more presentable and walkable for the warmer outdoorsy season.

New approach to get dealers off the streets…

Interesting article in the Seattle times today about last night’s event where SPD initiated a new type of program that gives known dealers an option to stop dealing vs the usual book-em and release-em approach.  Nice to see new crime-preventing ideas like this taking place and hope this approach has an impact…

“More than a dozen Central Area drug dealers voluntarily walked into an auditorium full of police and prosecutors Thursday night and were presented with an ultimatum: Stop selling dope or prepare for prison.

Confronted with photos, video clips and binders full of evidence gathered in a yearlong operation along Seattle’s 23rd Avenue corridor, from Madison to Jackson streets, the dealers were promised they wouldn’t be arrested, prosecuted or sent to jail for 20 months or more if they embraced the job training, educational opportunities and chemical-dependency treatment being offered them.”

Local Hardware & Auto Stores in the CD?

I know this may be a long shot, but can anyone call out any shops in the neighborhood that might still have some snow shovels and/or tire chains in stock? I’ve called around to Lowe’s, Schuck’s on Rainier, Home Depot and everyone is still out of stock (and of course doesn’t know when the next shipment will come in).