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Local Hardware & Auto Stores in the CD?

I know this may be a long shot, but can anyone call out any shops in the neighborhood that might still have some snow shovels and/or tire chains in stock? I’ve called around to Lowe’s, Schuck’s on Rainier, Home Depot and everyone is still out of stock (and of course doesn’t know when the next shipment will come in).

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  1. Two places announced that they were out of shovels, deicer, and chains as we walked in yesterday.

    My husband used a sturdy square of ply wood to scrape snow off the and steps, and related that it worked well enough that he might put a handle on it for future use. Luckily we already had chains.

    Good luck.

  2. Pacific Supply is on 12th between Union and Pike. Or Sears or REI or City People’s.

    Long shots: Grocery Outlet, Safeway, RiteAid, Walgreen’s, Bartell’s, Bert’s