Ten year dream culminates in new Madrona shop


Former interior designer Erin Krohn had a dream: to obtain an outlet for her long-held obsession with retail and fashion — especially when it comes to accessories. So when she came across a space for lease at 33rd and Pike in Madrona over the July 4th weekend last summer, Krohn knew this was it.

“I was told that finding a space would be the catalyst for everything and it definitely was a whirlwind from there,” Krohn says. “Opening my own shop is something I had been thinking about for over ten years. But, it was always on just a thought as my career as an interior designer occupied my life.”

HammerAwl044Hammer + Awl offers boutique goods — mostly men’s accessories like ties, watches, hats and bags, all carefully sourced by Krohn. Her shop occasionally sells outerwear and shirts, too.

“The idea evolved over the years from women’s to men’s to specifically men’s accessories. I have always been a fan of how accessories can help define one’s style and thought there are plenty of places like this for women, but not so much for men. Hence, Hammer + Awl was born,” Krohn says.

Krohn’s shop reflects her own aesthetic, and she hunts for items with one-of-a-kind details, colors, or patterns. These are accessories you won’t find mass-produced in a department store.

“My starting point in sourcing is finding brands and crafters that are US made and whose aesthetic and quality aligns with what has been created with the shop,” Krohn says. “Acting with that as a baseline, from that point it is all about searching for the unique. Finding items you don’t see everywhere and bringing them to my customers in a setting specifically created the product. In a way, what I look for when curating is how I see accessories individualizing one’s style – unique, interesting, special.”

As for the ladies, Krohn says she’s pleased when women can occasionally find an item or two for their own wardrobe.

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