One dead in hit and run collision at 23rd and King

photo (21)A CDN reader shares this picture and a note about the aftermath of an overnight two-vehicle collision that claimed the life of a woman near 23rd Ave S and S King Saturday:

…there was a bad crash on 23rd AVE S between King and Lane this morning. Here is a pic of the totaled Acura. Don’t know if there was a second car involved. Police and fire blocked off 2 streets from Jackson to Lane. Don’t know of any injuries but I cant imagine that the person(s) in the Acura escaped unscathed.

SPD reports that the driver initially fled the scene but was brought back to police by her mother. The 29-year-old has been booked for investigation of vehicular homicide and hit and run.

Driver fled scene of fatality collision and returned to scene by her mother

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A woman was killed this morning in a two vehicle collision. On 10/19/13, just shortly before 4:00 a.m., officers responded to 23 Av S and S King St to a two car roll-over collision that resulted in one passenger dead and one injured.  The driver left the scene, called home and was returned to the scene by her mother.  All occupants of the second vehicle fled and are unknown.

The 29-yr-old female was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Vehicular Homicide and Hit & Run.

Victim(s) 3 females in mid 20’s.  One DOA, one injured and at HMC.

12 thoughts on “One dead in hit and run collision at 23rd and King

  1. The 29-year-old driver fled the scene but was brought back by her mother.

    I’m trying to find both the good and the bad in that. 29 years old and your mother needs to make you act like an adult???

    • The good? At least her mother has some intregrity. That’s something. Parents do the best they can. Sometimes the values just don’t rub off on the kids, I guess.

    • It doesn’t say how far she went from the scene before she called her mother. Perhaps she was in shock. People do wander about when they’ve had a rollover accident and are still able to stand. I almost hit someone wandering dazed in to traffic once after an accident a city block away.

  2. From the SPD blotter it seems like either racing, drinking, drugs or stupidity. Take your pick.

  3. It sound like some heavy acceleration followed by the crash. One girl at the scene yelled at someone else, “Why did you have to drive so stupid?” One girl, who I don’t remember if she was inside or outside of a bystanding car, told some people on the street that they needed to get the heck out of there. I didn’t see for myself but I think the driver was likely driven away by one of these cars. Contrary to the Blotter, I don’t recall seeing anyone run away from the scene. I’d guess they were all driven away given that at least two cars packed full of people sped off south down Jackson.

  4. Natsa was the young girl killed in this collision she has a 3 month old daughter
    her babys father is from the southend and those
    3 girls had no business out here in the cd
    drinking, driving, and showing out for these no
    good hoodlums smh this is sad poor girls
    Life taking due to stupidity. It wasn’t the drivers
    fault to my understanding. John coleman causef this crashed and. Brshou