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Med Mix Status?

Does anyone know what the status of Med Mix is? The arson was on 12th August, so it has been over two months now and aside from putting up the particle board where the fire was started, I have not seen nor heard of any activity whatsoever. I believe that the owner originally said that he hoped to reopen in about a month.

I hope that they still plan to reopen. Med Mix was a great addition to the neighborhood and this was an absolute tragedy.

20 thoughts on “Med Mix Status?

  1. I noticed lights on in the building this morning, and saw a man with a hard hat exiting the front door. Could be a good sign!

  2. I am now seeing resources on the ground daily doing work. My guess is it took some time to navigate the insurance process/red tape.

  3. The last time I was there they made me a veggie Philly sandwich. Can’t wait for them to open…we miss you Med Mix!

  4. I was wondering this, but more so because the “work” I’ve seen going on there lately just seems to be gutting the place and moving assets into storage – even though there appears to be little-no interior fire damage. Can’t say I not surprised/suspicious.

    • I have know idea what the real plans or motivations are, but, recovery from fire damage can take more than most people imagine.

      Any damage to electrical, fire suppression, or structure caused by the outdoor fire would have a cascading effect with regard to possibley retrofitting the entire electrical, fire, plumbing, and the rest. Any major repair can come with the requirement to essentially rebuild. Such a small old building – I would hope to scrape and build something new that best utilizes the foot print. Like yet another brew pub that allows dogs, kids, motorcycles, and hipsters.

  5. Someone told me that they were going to expand the dine in area.

    What’s happening with the big project across the street at 22nd/23rd Union? I thought it was breaking ground in August….

    • The owner had said the 23rd & Union development could break ground, “as early as August,” but of course that was a best case scenario type of plan. Sigh.

      I am not feeling optimistic about Med Mix reopening, as much as I want it to. It’s been a long time and there is a lot of zoning being adjusted right now.

  6. Thank you, Ian. This is great news. Do you know an approximate timeline that they are looking at? Most of us in the neighborhood miss Med Mix and are counting down the days until they reopen.

    • It will be a while longer. There is more gas plumbing and electrical damage than initially thought.