Do you know this First Hill shooting suspect?

Detectives are asking for your help in identifying the suspected gunman in last week’s shooting at a First Hill apartment building.

The shooting occurred last Tuesday. The suspect entered the victim’s apartment in the 800 block of Jefferson St. and tried to grab a wad of cash off a table. When the suspect pointed a gun at the victim, the victim shoved the gun aside. The suspect then allegedly shot the victim in the shoulder and fled the building.

The victim’s injuries were non-life threatening. The suspect is still at large and police are asking for your help identifying him based on security footage.

If you have any information related to the case, contact SPD’s Robbery Unit at (206) 684-5535.

2 thoughts on “Do you know this First Hill shooting suspect?

  1. How about more details re how he knew/gained access to the victim? If the vic is not participating in ID-ing the perp, (shocking), then the vic is likely involved in criminal behavior or subscribing to the “don’t tell the 5-0” mentality.