Blotter | First Hill robberies, 22nd/Union iPhone grab, car part ripoffs

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  • Boylston/Madison rent robbery: Police were called to a Central District residence Saturday night where a man told him he had been robbed of his rent money 90 minutes earlier while sitting in his vehicle in a parking lot at Boylston and E Madison around 4:30 PM:Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.28.45 AMThe victim told police his assailant ran from the scene westbound on Seneca. He described the attacker as a black male in his 30s, 5’11″ and wearing a red sweatshirt with white Nike logo on it along with dark pants and red shoes with white soles. The man told police he lost $411 cash in the robbery.
  • 22/Union mugging: A female victim had her phone yanked from her hands in a street robbery last Saturday night just before 7 PM at 22nd and Union:
  • SPD — First Hill shooting was robbery: Tuesday’s shooting inside a First Hill apartment near Harborview involved drugs and cash, SPD says the victim told arriving officers:Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.24.01 AMThe male victim suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the shoulder in the incident that involved SPD searching the 300-unit building floor by floor and, for a time, unit by unit. No arrests have been announced.
  • Car part ripoffs — This particular report comes from a reader who lives in the CD but we’ve heard about other incidents on and around the Hill — unfortunately, not much to do about preventing the crime. But at least you’ll know you have company. The incident below occurred on October 6th:

    Last night on the 25th block of Jefferson street (right next to the Garfield play field) my Catalytic Converter in my Toyota Tacoma was stolen. The catalytic converter is a vehicle emissions control device which converts toxic emissions into less harmful byproducts. I immediately reported it to the police and my insurance company. Then I decided to shop around for a muffler repair man. The repair man informed me that this is a pretty common occurrence. Every week or so, he gets a call from someone with very similar stories to mine. He also told me that most of these thieves strike very close to the previous site. He concluded from this that the thieves will scope out a car, steal a converter, and then the next week move a block or two away. I have very little faith that the police will be able to catch these perps, mainly because they work in the middle of the night, will be underneath your car so even if you do look out to check, they will be undetectable. They also don’t need to pop the hood, break windows, or break into the bed of the truck to steal what they want. The only way to keep these thieves away, would be to have a motion sensing alarm put on your car.

5 thoughts on “Blotter | First Hill robberies, 22nd/Union iPhone grab, car part ripoffs

  1. Curious to know if you know (or can find out) about what happened at 23rd and Union on Tuesday afternoon – I passed by at what looked like the tail end of cleaning up after a large car accident – both southbound lanes were close, 4 ambulances were still there and a large amount of absorbent material was being put on the street…

  2. black male … black male … black male

    There’s a theme here but I can’t figure out what it is.

    • The problem is how we address crime, delinquency, misbehavior, etc. When families fail it is pretty tough for society to correct the problems that result. But, we must still try to hold parents yound adults accountable in some way. The near absolute lack of accountability makes the prosect or desire for employment extremely unlikely. Why care or do anything at all if the outcome is irrelevant. Let me ask this – how much difference is there between prison and a nowhere going live living on grannies couch. Why care.

      It is not about color it is about perspective. And if opportunity and society are two demensional – than perspective is lost. There must be risks and rewards of sufficient intensity. Seattle has turned itself in to a nanny citystate full of the walking dead. Happy Halloween.

  3. bah… not exactly the crime of the century, but I feel the need to rant about it anyway….

    I heard you two giggling out there at around 1am…. I should have poked my head out of the window, like I was thinking of doing…. Thank you ever so very much for taking the beautiful ripening pepper from my front yard garden.

    You know I worked quite hard to grow that garden and while I may need the pepper less than you, there’s still a lot of problems with your simply coming up into my yard and taking something that doesn’t belong to you… Now my SO is upset and talking about putting up a fence. We shouldn’t have to live that way, concerned that if it isn’t nailed down someone will take it, but no indeed, over the years, my front yard has been a gd shopping mall…. people take my veggies, my flowers (pots and all) and my garden furniture. Nothing, no matter how insignificant it seems is safe out there.

    Worse than the stuff, you take away any faith in other people that we have and cause me to have to talk my SO out of having to do all sorts of drastic stuff and suspecting every person who walks by of being nasty thieving scum….. so do me a favor and keep your sticky little fingers out of my stuff, just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it’s public property and I don’t want a fence…

  4. And another thing. The converters are being resold as car parts. They are sold for the metal value – platinum. As this become better known, catalytic converters will be dissappearing at much faster rates.

    I can’t beleive how Seattle has not yet woken up to the metals black market. I see guys headded down Dearborn all day and night with: gutters, downspouts, copper pipe, aluminum ladders, lawn mowers, bycicles, alloy rims, lawn mowers, etc. Metals theft is a massive business. It ranges from the old Loatian lady taking your aluminum cans on from your trash/recycle at night, to the guy stripping wires and piping from unoccupied homes, to stealing the aluminum rails from the Lk WA – I-90 stairs. Your bicycles are being sold for metal value at Seattle Recycling Depot and other similar black market metals traders. Not to mention all the “jewelry and gold exchanges”. I especially like the adds: “bring us your junk gold and silver”. In other words – go steal and we will give you money.