Police investigating shooting near 27th/Yesler

Several readers are asking about gunshots early this morning near Judkins Park. We have details from SPD:

A 44-year old man is in the hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to his leg following an early morning shooting near Judkins Park.

At around 7:00 this morning, East Precinct officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired near 27th Avenue South and East Yesler Way.  Officers located the victim with a gunshot wound to his leg.  The victim told officers that he had a confrontation with two men when one of them pulled out a gun and shot at him, striking him once.  The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Officers located several shell casings in the 300 Block of 26th Avenue South.  The victim was not very forthcoming with information or descriptions of the suspects.  It is believed that the victim knew the suspects and that the argument may have been about a woman.  Officers searched the area  but did not locate the suspects involved.  This remains an active investigation.

8 thoughts on “Police investigating shooting near 27th/Yesler

  1. So, that’s like three days in a row of gunshots in the CD, isn’t it?
    Is it like tic-tac-toe, or something?
    Do we win?

    • Yea you win a lifetime in Seattle’s crime containment zone, liven the dream right troll!

  2. 26th and jackson it looks like. When Justin was shot I saw alot of activity on 26th between Jack and Dearborn. Not the shooters but these guys seem to be the shootees.

  3. When can we get the scum out of the neighborhood? Most of them live in Renton, or elsewhere, but frequent the Central District just to cause trouble.

  4. I live right where this happened and it really shook me up this morning waking up to the sound of popping gun shot sounds. With that said I saw 3 people in the street and called it in. Anyways I kind of liked the amount of response from the neighborhood, people calling in…walking out after it happened.

    • Now if we can get people proactively out watching, reporting, claiming the turf as our own.