Nickelsville on the move, with some residents headed to the Central District

It appears the homeless encampment, dubbed Nickelsville, is moving from their West Marginal Way location. Seattle Times reports:

Nickelsville, the 5-year-old homeless encampment currently on West Marginal Way, plans to move to three different sites this weekend. The Seattle City Council directed the mayor to clear the current site by Sunday.

The group won’t say where it is going. Tim Harris, a homeless advocate, said one of the sites is in the Central District on South Jackson Street and 20th Avenue South, on land owned by the Low Income Housing Institute. Private property owners can apply for a temporary permit to have an encampment on their property, but Harris said the long-term plan is to find a church that will host. The city can’t stop a religious institution from hosting a homeless encampment.

Nickelsville has moved many times during its history. The move saves Mayor Mike McGinn from a problematic campaign photo op he would have faced if he had to clear Nickelsville from its site in a confrontation.

“We were aware they were looking for another site,” said spokesman Aaron Pickus.


King 5 has more details on why they’re moving:

Organizers of the homeless encampment Nickelsville have secured two more camp sites, in addition to one they found in the Central District.

The announcement came just three days before the city was scheduled to evict campers from their current location in South Seattle.

Some residents had vowed to stand their ground if they couldn’t find a place to relocate to by September 1st.

“We’re a community that helps one another,” said camper Rachel Johnson. “This is a safe place and this is our family.”

The city dedicated $500,000 to help campers find new homes before the September 1 deadline. By Sunday, outreach workers had relocated at least 47 of the more than 120 campers at the site.

The new locations won’t be disclosed until Friday. Organizers said they wanted to talk to their new neighbors first, before disclosing that information.

The two new sites brings the total number to three. On Sunday, the group said it had secured another camp site near 20th and Jackson in the Central District.


We have confirmed that another location is the empty lot owned by Good Shepard church, which sits at 22nd and Union. Residents nearby were informed of the move with flyers in mailboxes. The lot is being prepared for the residents to move on Sunday.

48 thoughts on “Nickelsville on the move, with some residents headed to the Central District

  1. This is a total disrespect to working tax paying neighbors. Sharon lee from LIHI salary $175,000.00 the properties are bought with all tax money. KC and state and Federal taxes. LIHI was started by speAker of the house frank chopp. Catholic. Community services Michael riechert and SHARE Scott Morrow Nick LICATA and Larry Gossett were told years ago about homeless forced to protest. Recently Scott put out a letter nicklesville was over run with drug dealers. Meth and heroin and violent criminals and thiefs

  2. The big shit bomb is this. The Land LIHI has built on and owns was owned by the Parks Department. Parks, after Prop. 1 was passed, can not SELL parks property without a city wide vote on the ballot. The sale to LIHI was illegal and a public disclosure is in the works. Stay tuned! Hope Sharon has a good lawyer other than her husband!

    • We keep getting stonewalled by city and county. Catholic community services Michael riechert Speaker of house frank chopp. Nick LICATA and Larry Gossett appear to chose to ignore what has occurred in neighborhoods. There’s been deals to give contracts and grants through other non profits. Back door protests bus tickets been sold for years donations missings. Money funny on and on. Teens on back page ads. Women absurd drugs. Why is mayors office Daryl smith all about the encampments. ??? We too find it funny also the bunkhouse expenses are interesting. Read.

    • Is there a way to prove that the Bunkhouse that Share has on Juneau is city owned or Sound transits or Washington equity alliance under the Catholic Church… How is it that the city is sending allowing KC211 to send Children to Dangerous nicklesville? Catholic Church was warned in 2009 by a letter by a church member who was homeless… Catholic CS runs KC 211 and then they send folks to tent city while they wait for Catholic Family connections to connect people to services…

  3. After reading the article, I was curious about the other “undisclosed” neighborhood. Sometime soon it should not be a secret.

  4. I think we should now call it McSchwinnville. It’s a new day and new loci. Also reflects that we distrust the city in following their own policy.

    I had thought the dialog would focus on social arguments. But we all seem to agree that the city admin and reps are secretive and dishonest. That is amazing.

    I would still like to see how the camp integrates. And whether this is a better place for them. Note the food bank. The bakery. The fake meat producer. Much better walking access to the city. Where will the camp be? Is it a fish bowl?

    There is a severe rat infestation of the southwest CD. Will this impact the camp? Willit be blamed on them? Why are there rats roaming the CD in broad daylight?

    • Please know I agree. Except IRS 990 shows Sharon lee salary at $175,000.00. And the reason LIHI gets whatever is people named Frank Nick Larry Dow and Mayor. There’s soooo much under lining stuff going on. Seattle needs a FULL BLOWN AUDIT of their city contracts. I suggest state auditor And public disclosure. We tried to get sesttle times and KING5. They both said it could hurt the funding

    • forget KING they are status quo, try KIRO of KOMO, specifically KIRO, they can not be bought!

      • There’s some interesting things going on and 6 plus figure Salaries. The tent cities are being made to get funding donations and grants. Builders are building. There’s a lot of info. It defies logic that city taxpayers give SHARE $400,000.00 for sheltering in free churches. And county $40,000 and county and city giving to others who give to SHARE. PLUS $540,000.00 in bus tickets.

      • So Central District Tax Payers Time To UNITE, It is NOT against Helping Homeless it is About enabling the Homeless as a lifestyle, Leftist group redistribute the wealth, Land grab, that is going on…. It is appearing that the City and County have been huge enablers, made side deals, there are things that defy logic, WHAT other group of people sleep at Gates foundation and expect a forced donation, go after Tom Douglas business, Anyone that has donated responsibly knows that a good charity has transparent books… 2006 2 Council Members had an accountant look at the SHARE books, they are set up to be a piggy bank, OH and SHARE employees have vans with Handicap Permits to avoid paying parking at the Share office, BUS Tickets have been missing and allegedly sold for half price for years, thus every year closing shelters they are paid for… Ever wonder why the High Turn over in Human Services, Ever Wonder why AG Bob Ferguson refused to open an investigation, why police are called off all allegations, EVER wonder why the Politicans said everything if fine we have no problems with tent cities, PUBLIC DISCLOSURE MAYOR AND COUNCIL…

  5. Mayors office was told a year ago that to stay with in SHARE you did not have to follow LAWS You had to follow their rule book… It is nothing but a leftist movement To redistribute the wealth, It appears the Catholic Church and their Charities have gotten in tight with the Politicans and SHARE and no one choses to listen to the facts… 1) State was paying for homeless and veterans to go to school, trade school and some internships were being provided by volunteers of homeless. SHARE Consultant calls strike and protest against city and IF U don’t volunteer to PROTEST read forced advocacy which was reported to city in 2009 also, then you have no shelter you are Barred from taxpayer pay all the bills SHARE…. SHARE is running Seattle NOT the Council Not the Mayor and
    City Prosecutor has turned a blind eye to crimes being done…. Being Homeless does NOT mean they get a FREE break the law card …
    2) Nicklesville DOES NOT HAVE A STATE REGISTERED NON Profit and no 990 was filed SHARE won’t open the books because there are NO receipts for costs, THEY cuddle up with churches who ALLOW their Senior Christians to be used up on fake expenses, 80 year old’s donating to able bodied adults who play games all day, not out looking for work or connecting to services.. 3 SHARE and the Non Profits need to be looked at and all the 6 figure salaries on a lot of other local Non Profits supported with tax dollars… 4) THEY are Bullys they gang up on neighbors at these meetings… If you want to know the Players who help drop this organization that is USING Homeless for funding and donations and Political games BOTH Human Services County and City…. Check out the fact that EVERYTHING ON WISH LIST IS DONATED IN KIND…………. OH and lastly the KING COUNTY PROSECUTOR would NOT prosecute SHARE reps for FORCING HOMELESS to give them Harvest Auction Items or be thrown out of shelters for 30 days, they sold EBT cards and stole packages off porches, shop lifted desperate people do things in fear of losing shelter, I don’t blame the homeless WHAT organization extorts items for an auction to raise money for them…?? ANYWHERE else all this would be stopped but SHARE is supported by the City County and Catholic Church and Now LIHI which was started by speaker of the house Frank Chopp….. Check out your tax dollars and where they go which organizations and how many different names they use.. AND CITY and Sound transit land deals are funny looking, City loaned LIHI millions for Aloha Inn and then the Federal Govt and City and County gave LIHI, Catholics and SHARE grants for Aloha Inn and now LIHI is giving it to Catholics IS THE LOAN PAID.. there is bills that the city has paid Share’s bills in past, while share is protesting them… IT IS ALL SHOW DRAMA AND WE Taxpayers and Homeless are being used in a conquer and divide …. Homeless need a REAL non Profit to help with a hand up to internships, problem solving and jobs and schooling drug treatment, Many get SSI or disability checks and food stamps and they don’t have enough so they waste it they need help getting in a place and a caseworker … the tent cities is almost like slavery…

  6. 23rd and Union will not be good for them. That is the center of thugville and arson. God help them. I hope nobody gets hurt. The Pratt site would have been much better fo all.

    • The Lutheran Church of good Shepard MUST look out for child safety, homeless people are a number of things, bad managers of money, poor choices, unlucky events, loss of job, divorce, mentally ill, former criminal, drug addicts, THOSE that want help in Seattle get Help, those that make this a life style choice don’t deserve to con Senior Citizens, nor should a child offender live hidden there with neighbor schools….

  7. I live at 21st and E. Union and certainly did not receive any notification regarding the 22nd and E. Union location. Encampments usually are for refugees and temporary. Yes, many families live here. One is hosting a foreign student. This should be an education on American housing standards for her. I am wondering why the CD has two locations, Skyway one, and the rest of Seattle zero. It certainly is not a large lot and is located between two homes. How many people would typically live in a single home on that lot in a one story home? Is this really the housing standard that we want to encourage. I hope this works our for all and is temporary for all. It takes courage to insist on good solutions.

    • St marks. Interfaith network LIHI. Catholic charities are all getting FEDERAL STATE COUNTY ABD CITY FUNDING. SHARE takes more than their fair share of donations, they are the vehicle chosen by POLITICANS to insult disgrace con sympathy for taxpayers to do more. Taxpayers voted a housing tax of 145 million over 6 years. While many non profits are funded with these taxes rules DO NOT APPLY to them. There’s questions you should ask McGinn. Dow. Nick LICATA. Larry Gossett and catholic community services and one of the biggest supporters of SHARE is speaker of the house Frank Chopp who started LIHI with Scott Morrow who has not worked or paid taxes for 22 years but teaches how teaches how to live homeless as a lifestyle. He bullies homeless with pikiticans and donors and churches knowledge.

    • Brace yourself seattle you have all 3 tent cities. This move was done with help from city council. Mayors office. County council and churches and LIHI along with west seattle who rightfully had enough. Remember seattle gave UGM a half million. Peggy put out the welcome Matt recruiting while sabatoging UGM efforts. Remember November 2012 an alleged sex offender arrested accused of raping a child in tent city 4. Catholic Church and KC and seattle all did not care about the homeless. Scott morrow threw out in winter with no tarps tents food. Brace yourselves. Laws do not apply. Police are not welcome to harass and church is there to give them refuge. If you speak up at a meeting your bullied. You taxpayer home owners have no rights. Homeless live under cult rules and the bills are paid by you who have no voice. If the puppet master not happy then they protest sleep out to extort more.

    • I live just down the street. Someone from the church or organization handed me a flyer yesterday. That was the first and only notification I received (and to tell the truth, I was too busy to read it at the time, so in reality right here was the first notification that I received…)

      Despite their assurances of good behavior, I expect that this will mean more noise at night and a lot of foot traffic between the encampment and Safeway. I’m not entirely unsympathetic and while extraordinary circumstances may have lead to some people’s participation in this, let’s not be totally PollyAnnaish…. this is a last resort, many people are there because they have difficulty existing within the bounds of society. I have doubts that they can live up to the code of conduct they’ve promised.

    • Yeah, Joanna, I was also wondering where my “notification” was about the camp moving in a block away. And why are there two about a mile apart? And it sounds like churches don’t have to get a permit to host these, so they can stay as long as the church lets them. I just don’t get it.

  8. They haven’t even moved in yet – let’s give this a chance!

    Nickelsville is a different organization from the various tent cities and operates by different rules. They will be close to a very troubled corner, and they will provide some of the “eyes on the street” that we were promised by other nearby properties that have not developed as planned. Their use of the #2 bus/trolley may save it from some of the predicted cuts. Their patronage of neighborhood businesses, even if minimal, may be beneficial.

    Which is likely to provide a better outcome – welcoming them, or reacting negatively before they even get here?

    • Well, they’re here.
      I am one for giving a chance giving the circumstance.
      So far, they have been across the street smoking something in the bushes, walking with a chip on their shoulder with their pit bulls, freaking out the resident dogs in the neighborhood and most importantly giving attitude. Reporting from Union and 22nd here in Central.

  9. I assume that it is the one on Jackson that is for families or is it the one on E. Union? Will the children be bused or are they already enrolled at a school?

    • When making choices facts always help. No one wants people without shelter. However we are a civil rights law abiding democratic country. People make choices to not work, not attend school, spend foolishly if you do not work or do not pay rent the consequence is eviction. Seattle has so many great agencies working hard to help people. SHARE/nicklesville. Are not people connecting to services, SHARE is a political in your face there are homeless feel sympathy open your wallet, SHARE has seattle foundation, greater seattle cares, jam for justice nicklesville. They got $60,000.00 grant, $40,000.00 for auction. There whole wish list is complete in kind donations. Other organizations help fund this road show. For some its for the good of the cause. I resent that many in nicklesville knew last summer kids and teens were negliceted and in danger no one called CPS or police but one lady who’s hiding now. These non profits and churches collect funds for them but there’s no accounting where it goes. They live in crisis mode

      • The name should be Sharonville, after the $128,000 salary ridden, social service parasite that runs LIHI. Many, many in line that have had to deal with her. The site is going to house women and children, as per the PR line. Sooo why not place them in the EMPTY officer quarters ( a large building with showers and a kitchen) at Magnason Park, near Childrens Hospital, on several bus lines, in a safe neighborhood than can absorb them? It is north of the ship canal, Sharon wants to keep the CD a Social Service “ghetto” plantation and Jackson Street is finally developing a great retail, residential streets cape. Gotta kill off anything good and it allows LIHI to try and expand it’s illegal development on former Parks Property. Ya LIHI, instead of helping the most vulnerable, women and children, stick em in tents near a high crime intersection instead of a safe clean Magnason site to further your $128,000 salary. Sickening! looking forward to the public disclosure and it’s results!

  10. Knows too much and all the other names you have used, who are you and what do you know? Your thoughts are interesting but where is the back up? Seriously, this constantly changing of names is distracting. Are you a member of this community?

    • As a taxpayer born on capital hill almost 60 years ago. My people have donated and volunteered for years for the people in need. This is plain and simple politics greed games ! The children generate media attention sympathy and donations. Educate yourself ask yourself why the mayor and council tell you there’s no problems with the tent cities. Seattle now will have 3. It’s my opinion we should group and ask where our 18 million a year levy funds are going? What the charities are doing with 24 million Federal govt gave this area. For homeless and veterans. Follow the players and the money !

  11. The notification that I received said that they would be at the 22nd/Union location for one year. Just got the notice today, move in day.

  12. The issues brought forward are bigger than the homeless themselves. First SHARE runs ALL tent Cities except Kirkland Camp Unity. SHARE was started and run by a man that knows how to make POLITICANS dance and open wallets with taxpayer money. SHARE turns down services on behalf of homeless. Donors for years have seen that SHARE has no RECEPITS to go with their bills they live in chaos and crisis yet millions are donated and grants and contracts. It’s a group of people that want land free from government they have embedded with powerful POLITICANS and religion. Although they do not practice Christian values. SHARE has no respect for neighbors rules laws. It’s all about their civil rights. It’s an in your face go around the permit process. Seattle and Kimg County have filtered money through catholic charities, other non profits to pay for things. It has caused friction and lost jobs. UNDER SHARE THE TENT CITIES ARE NOT SAFE. NOT FOR NEIGHBORS OR TRUE HOMELESS It’s a slap in the face for those of us that voted for a levy. Our group has spent $30,000.00 trying to get homeless to training, jobs, finish GED testing. OFTEN the consultant comes in like a dictator says that they need to attend city meeting. Grant write protest end of homeless committee. BAM. CHOSE BETWEEN YOUR SHELTER AND JOB OR SCHOOL. CHOSE YOUR school or job the thing that gets your access to rehoused and you are out of shelter. This is all politics. SEATTLE TIMES editorial said it best. Critizing SHARE tatics doesn’t mean not caring about homeless. If you care. Support hopelink UGM that work toward a healthy person. If you WANT to fight the Seattle government to redistribute the wealth and keep these homeless away from services and keep allowing The city to contract and kc211 add homeless to this circus atmosphere. By the grace if God there has not been more tragedys. If you ever read a power pack SHARE brags that they have private personal numbers and support from DOW. MIKE AG BOB LARRY GOSSETT NICK LICATA ASK YOURSELF WHY would this tent arrangement ten years ??? Half million bus tickets when THE COMMITTEE SCORED THEM A 3 out if 10 for helping. ??? SHAME on the churches for mixing true homeless with drug addicts and lifestyle choice to gain sympathy for donations and funding. Educate yourselves. If WE AS A COMMUNITY ALL KING COUNTY HELD POLITICANS CHURCHES AND SHARE ACCOUNTABLE WE COULD TRULY HELP GET THIS RIGHT!

  13. Do they have a Land Use Permit and a Building Permit from the Dept of Planning and Development? I believe both are required for any new locations, and take months to acquire. What about Dept of Neighborhoods, do they have an interest?

  14. Note that this will displace over half of the church’s parking, which will overflow into the neighborhood on Sundays.

  15. Will all the crackpots who have commented here please move out of the CD? Please? Folks are in need; get them help. End of story.

    • The crackpot is the organizer who goes around permit process. For a carton of cigs you go around the intake process screening. NO ONE CARES MORE than the people who have helped the indivuals for years. But found out the dangers lurking. The truth is the truth. Your comment is just what the problem is. Close our eyes listen to propaganda don’t look at the past. The organizer himself admitted to police the tents had meth cooked in them. Blamed seattle police for not helping bounce druggies. After he went to top POLITICANS asking police to stay at bay not harass the homeless. The self management does not work and its all on taxpayers money to support this.

    • @ Chris, sorry but try that phony guilt trip out with the people in Wallingford or Lauralhurst, we have heard that crap before. They would laugh at you and use their sway to send em down south of the ship canal!

    • Chris. I’ll bet that I have been a resident of the CD much longer than you have. I suggest YOU move and take your tent city with you.

      Perhaps you can set up your own utopia out in the woods somewhere where you cannot affect your neighbors with your “generosity”.

      Tent cities are not the solution to the problems of homelessness in the City and this deal was done without public notice nor comment.

      City officials: Stop dumping all your social problems into the CD and historically neighborhoods of color.

  16. How about we hire the residents to patrol our streets..since the cops aren’t around much? Great job Seattle..for giving the CD a kick in the nuts just when it seems thing might start to turn around..

  17. As a resident within two blocks of the proposed settlement at 22nd and Union, my only concern is that the settlement is appropriately regulated. There has been a lot of residential development in the neighborhood over the past decade, and the only way to have any sense of comfort with development in any neighborhood is through due process with the Department of Planning and Development, the Fire Department, and other associated departments. Without approval from these departments, I would not feel comfortable with any proposed project. Of course, post occupancy monitoring and evaluation is necessary, as this is a unique land use scenario that is still in its infancy. By going through the proper channels, specifically The Fire Dept and DPD, issues such as density, setbacks, context, fire safety, noise, garbage, public comment and notification, etc can be appropriately evaluated. Due process and diligence are necessary for all residents to feel comfortable, including the settlement itself. The 24 hour informal flyer in the mailbox, well, it feels disrespectful, if not unethical or secretive, at the very least unprofessional. I expect the city to step in and conduct the appropriate process for the safety and respect of all residents in the neighborhood.

  18. we have two problems here..
    a homeless population that is growing and changing in character
    and an organization that shrouds itself in secrecy and leaves itself open to constant charges of corruption.

    the trick is to take care of the homeless population while requiring transparency from governmental agencies that actively obstruct the process.

    not an easy thing to do.

  19. How about we go over and introduce ourselves and ask some of these questions, rather than stand back in fear and negative reactions? If these are our new neighbors, then lets find out directly from them what the story is and not take hearsay, gossip and angry reactions as truth. I want to make sure it is going to be safe for my kid walking to the bus stop every morning. I want them to know who I am and that we are concerned neighbors. Then, if there is something to complain about, it can be addressed either directly with the group organizers or with our community council, the police, whoever needs to know. Come on, I hope we are all adults here with backbone and compassion. Both can exist together for the safety of our neighborhood.

    • I agree with the post I want it safe for my kid. Most residents are safe parents themselves its the few that are on meth with tempers and the sneaked in alleged sex offender that is not Problem is SHARE consultant. Read seattle times homeless go packing. The rule is homeless can not talk to host. Only mr morrow yet when pierce county arrested man 37 that allegedly raped a 6 year old in tacoma. SHARE said other homeless. Women with no tent locks not wanting to sleep next to a rapist Veterans were kicked out for talking to Father Santa Cruz and agreeing to better background checks FOR SAKE if getting along with neighbors and child safety. Read and inform yourself the homeless Steve wiggins. King5. Seattle met. Seattle weekly. Seattle stranger. Read about a sexual assault st nicklesville NO ONE called Police so if no homeless under SHARE wants to. Lose their shelter so they don’t tell police. So no report does that mean the teen was not assaulted. ??? I took her to counseling as a volunteer I was in the room when she told nurses BUT was raised to fear Police so no report we were told we were here to give them refuge not judge them. We were trying to connect homeless with services and offering to donate interview clothes. We were told SHARE just wanted MONEY. Those that gave cash the homeless told donors only half if the money for bus tickets made it there. Half missing. Also the in kind donations are not logged in this no. Profit. Because they tell the city under contract they bought the donated items. Problem is SHARE gas no RECEPITS because its not true. So it’s all on SHARE terms you help human beings ! Our advice is to get churches. So isl agencies and city to give these people help out of SHARE.

  20. and so it starts….. today there were several people trespassing in my neighbors yard and letting their unleashed dogs run around all over the place….

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