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Cat thief on the loose

My name is David Delgado and last night (8/16/13) at about 945pm my black cat was “kidnapped”.  I was walking with my cat home on the corner of 31st ave when a very angry man ran up to me and threatened me with violence demanding me to give him my cat.  The man was bigger than me and I did not want to fight.  I assumed calling 911 and asking for police help was the right thing to do.  The man cursed, insulted me and called me very socially ignorant names.  I never saw this man before this time.  He took my cat and ran up 32ed Street from E. Republican heading to Lake   Washington Blvd.  I called 911 and when the police came he told me there was nothing they can do.  I was informed by the police that people are allowed to protect their property.


I prefer not to take this police officer’s advice in engaging in violence.  I am not a violent person. I just want my cat back, and I would like to press charges against the man that threatened my life and stole my cat.  Will someone please help me.


My cat and I have been together for the last 15 years.  My cat’s name is Resin and he is all black and super friendly.  He was in an accident not too long ago where he lost his tail and his tail is scared and it is still healing.  If anyone sees my cat please e-mail the time and the place he was seen.


If Resin is with a Caucasian male that stands about 5 “10” and appears in his 40’s do not attempt to interact with the cat or the person.  This man seems very dangerous and he did not seem reasonable at all.   The license plates of the man that stole my cat read ACA6744.  If this anyone in the Central District area seems this car please e-mail me the time and the place.  I just want my cat back.


My e-mail is [email protected]


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12 thoughts on “Cat thief on the loose

  1. This story is just incredible and sad! The police were unwilling to look up the license plate even? Best of luck, I hope you are reunited with Resin.

  2. Wouldn’t it be catnapped? This is horrible and sounds odd to me. Obviously the guy was on drugs or something. We’ll keep our eyes open.

  3. how the fuck are the police not going after this guy when they have the license plate?! the man threatened him and stole his property. it’s a robbery pure and simple.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m not entirely buying this story. If true, call the precinct Captain and insist a robbery report be filed.

  4. I don’t believe the story. The pigs would have tweeted about this if it were true.

  5. If I see the 5’10” perpetrator and/or your cat, I will be sure to not say anything.

  6. Omg… this is awful So sorry that this happened to you, David. I hope that you’re able to get some better service and follow-up from the SPD; and genuine help from other community members in getting Resin back.

    To the cynics who don’t believe this story? What benefit is there in lying about having one’s pet STRONG-ARMED away by an obvious nutcase, and it remains missing?

    Wouldn’t David be better served by you suggesting other means of locating and reuniting him with his cat, than by you just trolling the his concern with doubt? Have a heart, whydon’tcha? Get out of the way… you’re blocking the light.

    Good luck, David… I’ll see what I can do w/my contacts @ SPD.
    Keep the faith.

  7. As a guy who has a cat he’s loved like a kid for 7 years this stuff pisses me off, i hope you’ve found Resin or will find him. Now i’ll make sure to look out for that plate and if i find him i’ll whoop him and drag his ass to the precinct myself if they won’t look for the damn car

    • This story was found to be false and the guy reporting it was admitted to Western State Hospital for treatment. It is a very strange and twisted story about a couple splitting up badly over a long period of time. The poor cat has been shifted between the two homes and various apartments and sofas. Ideally these weirdos will give up the cat for adoption, but, for now they use it as emotional bait to keep up a twisted on again off again romance abuse cycle. If you see the cat – adopt it say nothing.