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Found one Trek and one Gary Fisher Bike near 23 and Union

If one or both bikes belong to you, please reply to this post with your phone number.


8 thoughts on “Found one Trek and one Gary Fisher Bike near 23 and Union

  1. BTW I should have mentioned that these bikes appeared to be stolen and were stowed near our house to be taken at a later time (I guess).

    • I found a kid (11-12 yr ) trying to store them in our yard, he said he was afraid someone would steal them. I called Greg’s cycle shop since the Trek had their sticker, I supplied them with the serial number and they called the owner of record—I’ve yet to hear back from them. When I got back from speaking with Greg’s the bikes were gone.

    • Have you guys ever heard of the police? It doesn’t hurt to call the police. I would have locked them up and called the police. Thanks for trying, I do appreciate it. Just that you had a chance to at least get bikes back to their owners. That’s pretty rare.

      • I’m Fritz, a manager at Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles, and I am in contact with the owner of record for the Trek. Please give me a call at the shop (206.523.1822) and I’ll put you in touch. If you supply me with the serial for the Fisher I may be able to contact the owner of that one too, if it’s one we’ve sold. If it’s from another shop, they may be able to do the same.

    • Greg’s has been playing phone tag with the owner. The bikes were stolen the day before yesterday. I informed Greg’s of this post so they will let the owner know about it and, we can assume, the owner will be in touch with you through this post.

    • Hi — The Trek is mine. Please give me a call. Thank you so much! 206-310-5755.

  2. A locked trek bike lock was in the street (1500 block of 24th). I picked it up on 7/10…

    • I just retrieved my bike, which is the Trek. It is, indeed, missing its lock. Could I come take a look at the lock you found to see if it’s mine? Thanks very much! My phone number is in a post above.