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Debre Genet Kidisti Sellassie Eritrean Orthodox Church Celebration Saturday July 13th

1057864_143307679201838_816646308_nThe community at 24th and Spruce’s Debre Genet Kidisti Sellassie Eritrean Orthodox Church is holding a celebration of the Holy Trinity Saturday July 13th. After services, there will be food, music and dancing, and everyone is invited.

This celebration is the biggest celebration of the year for our church. The Oriental Orthodox Church believes that the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and  The Holy Spirit, are equal to each other in one unity; and that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world. Saturday will start off with a church service from about 5am until 12pm after the church services we go around our church a couple of times singing with the priests choir and other church members. We then sit back and enjoy each other’s company until about 8pm or 9pm. There will be lots of food and activities also Debre Genet Kidisti Sellassie’s Choir will also be singing gospel songs and cultural dancing. We are also currently fundraising to raise money to build our new church in Skyway. Anyone is welcome to come and experience the Eritrean culture and heritage. 


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