One to hospital in 17th Ave/E Columbia fire

photo (17)Firefighters found one victim and battled a blaze inside a one and a half story detached garage being used as a residence at 1717 E Columbia 810 17th Ave early Tuesday morning.

The fire was initially reported just before 1 AM as smoke blanketed the neighborhood and flames could be seen shooting from the apartment above the garage. Crews responded to find the roof of the building fully ablaze and were able to remove one victim in the initial minutes of the response. We do not yet have details of the victim’s condition. UPDATE: Seattle Fire reports that a 35-year-old male was transported to Harborview suffering from second degree burns and smoke inhalation. Investigators were waiting to interview the victim to help determine cause of the fire.

Crews continued to battle the stubborn blaze for nearly 20 minutes.

UPDATE #2: Seattle Fire is now reporting that the patient transported to Harborview is a 54-year-old man.

3 thoughts on “One to hospital in 17th Ave/E Columbia fire

  1. Again, like the car torching on E. Pine a few nights ago, this fire does not show up on the 911 “My Neighborhood Map” for this area. Both are on the 911 incident reports for the date and time. Anyone know why these are not on the map? They’re supposed to appear for at least 24 hours after the incident.

  2. I walked by this morning with my dog around 7 am and saw fire trucks preparing to leave and a news van waiting for an interview. There was a large pile of burned debris in the alleyway, surrounded by caution tape. Amazing how we can sleep through sirens at that hour. I hope he is okay.

  3. I woke up due to smelling smoke, and I live 4 to 5 blocks away. Then I heard all the sirens and checked the 911 map and a fire was indicated at 1717 E. Columbia and another aid response in the same area on 17th. I hope the victim recovers. Second degree burns can be serious. It is now on the map although when I first opened the 911 map after reading the comment above, none of the fire emergencies was indicated on the map except for one active aid response. The fire incidents are always the last to load. Yesterday I just happened to be looking at it and then read about Richard Conlin’s accident and thought that it must be the one indicated at 34th and E. Pike. I went back to the 911 map it was there, and then it disappeared before my very eyes. I am thinking that perhaps I was looking as the time on the map expired since when I expanded the time frame it showed up again.