Your new CD News editor

When I noticed the post a few weeks ago announcing Tom Fucoloro’s departure, I had two thoughts: Those are some big shoes to fill. And, I think I can do that.

I’m pleased to announce I’ll have a shot at filling those shoes. I’m stepping in as your new Central District News editor, and I’m excited to be here.

I’m a Central District resident and a freelance writer. You may have seen my name in Edible Seattle or Seattle Weekly; I contribute to both regularly. Though most of my writing as a professional has been feature stories, I’m a trained journalist and I’m looking forward to getting back into hard news and reporting.

And I’m looking forward to putting my own spin on this site. To that end, I hope you’ll be patient with me as I get my sea legs. I hope in time I can create a site that you find reliable and enjoyable.

I also want to hear from you: What are you expectations? What do you like about the site, and what would you like to see change? Your ideas will be a big help moving forward.

Thanks, and let’s make this site a great one.

25 thoughts on “Your new CD News editor

  1. You’re gonna be great! I look forward to following your coverage of the neighborhood.

    Also, my shoes are size 10.5 if anyone wants to buy me some. They’re not too big :-)

  2. congrats on your new job and welcome aboard! One of the things that i enjoy about not only our neighborhood, but this site as well, is the diversity. I hope that we can continue to be the voice of everyone in our neighborhood. Glad to meet you and looking forward to your imprint on this site :)

  3. Congrats to you on your new job and a big hats off to Tom for doing such a great job,,I agree with a previous poster that diversity is very important..The most important thing for me about this site happened today..I heard helicopters flying over my house, I logged on and immediately there was an update on here letting us know the news..Good Luck and we are very lucky to have a website for our neighborhood…..JFK

    • I agreed I looked on the central District news yesterday too to see what was happening with those helicopters. Last month or so it was the person who got shot in the leg. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you are going to do.

  4. Thanks for stepping to the plate Megan. The things I rely most on CDNews for are: breaking CD news; transportation angles; development news; community info; and Grumbo. Good luck!

  5. welcome new editor. :)
    I loved all the power outage/mudslide/big tree/roadblock/festival updates. this was always extremely helpful and much appreciated. Thank you Tom and best of luck to you!

  6. Thanks for taking on the job and best wishes! I’m particularly fond of when there are maps and photos along with the stories to help me locate the discussed item in our neighborhood. I hope you’re able to find resources to help with that.

  7. Congrats Megan! I’m glad my neighborhood news blog will be in such capable hands. And I know I can count on some good beer coverage, too.

  8. Welcome! I follow this site to keep up with neighborhood news and developments from near and far. Splitting our time between homes in the CD and in TX, CDN keeps us connected to the neighborhood year-round. Thank you to both incoming and outgoing editors for all of your hard work!

  9. Welcome Megan! And thank you Tom for all you have done.

    What I like to see: Breaking news and followup, CD focussed, human interest, event and community activities coverage and build a network of people who will report.

    My only advice? Stay true to your mission as a journalist and stay strong when there slings and arrows cast :)

  10. Welcome aboard! My request? Avoid censorship. Clearly you need to police abusive and off topic language, but if any mention whatsoever – even when all the other news sites are covering it – of certain issues means comments are deleted or stories are just plain ignored as if they don’t exist, well, that makes readers go elsewhere. Fast.

  11. Please analyze development and do not just repeat what the developers and/or the city say about what is happening in the neighborhood. Please question the SPD and everything they do in the neighborhood. Please go out on the street of the CD and investigate crimes the SPD has committed against at least two generations of black residents. Please be an actual journalist and not a marketer.

    That’s all. Good luck.

    Cindy McWhite

    • Want reviews on new establishments. Rapid blotter tracking with follow up. Lots of real voices of the community. No soul crushing spineless pc thought management. We are real people who want to hear from real people. Not the centrist tastless poorage metered out by the acceptability police. Don’t make me sick.

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    Farewell: my blessing season this in thee!

  13. Tom and Megan, thank you for contributing to the maintaining this important communication blog for the neighborhood and community. Yes, please keep the articles coming regarding CD focused articles, Human interest, meetings and events, development, housing, schools, transportation (mass transit, pedestrian, and bicycles to be included), neighborhood projects, building and design, cultural and historical information, gardening, and breaking news related to the area are all welcome. Megan, I look forward to seeing if you have other ideas too. Tom, thank you, and I hope you will keep us up to date on bicycle issues too and post comments. It has been great getting to know you.

    • Bria, I agree. Also I should have added that sometimes events or meetings are announced and there is no follow up story. Following up on what happened at forums and meetings.

  14. I forgot to mention articles on open space and parks, along with opportunities for creating parks. We need activities beyond the consumer culture. Shopping is good, but parks are great. This is a very walkable neighborhood.

  15. Dear Megan,

    I wish you the best in your new position.

    Thanks for the article on Metro’s new trolleys. This is the only concrete information I’ve seen or heard, and I’m a trolley driver – also a resident of the CD.

    Have fun!

  16. please tie into my face book page Sustainable Central District. Lots of good ideas to share and do.

  17. Please list events in all other areas of Seattle, both cultural and otherwise. The CD has as a whole been traditionally segregated as a community from the city and that has meant lost opportunitys of experiencing Seattles rich cultural tapestry, collaboration, social equity and shared resources. Not everybody is aware of and/or reads the Weekly or Stranger or other neighborhood blogs.