Car crash at 23rd and Jefferson

Seattle Police and Fire departments responded to a car crash at 400 23rd Ave Monday afternoon.

According to Seattle Fire Department tweets, a car collided with a pole on 23rd Ave, next to Garfield High School.

Medics transported a female child to Harbor Medical Center to be treated for trauma. Medics evaluated the driver, who declined treatment, and a male child in the back seat, who suffered minor injuries and is not being transported.

Update: SPD called a “drug recognition expert”officer to the scene during the crash investigation, according to police radio dispatches.

UPDATE x2: Details from SPD:

Detectives are investigating a one-vehicle collision that resulted in two children being transported to the hospital with injuries. At approximately 4:09 p.m. officers responded to 911 reports of a vehicle that collided into a pole just south of the intersection of 23rd Avenue and East Jefferson Street.

Preliminary investigation indicates that the adult female driver was traveling northbound on 23rd Avenue approaching East Jefferson Street in a blue Honda. For reasons yet to be determined she lost control of the Honda, drove up on the sidewalk and collided into a light pole. The driver was not injured as a result of the collision.

There were two young children on board, both of whom were injured. Fire department medics responded to the scene and transported a 7-year-old female child to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of her life-threatening injuries. Another child was transported by ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries (this second child was in a child safety seat).

Drug Recognition Expert officers responded to the scene to assist with the investigation of the driver, which remains on-going.

The northbound lanes of 23rd Avenue have been completely shut down while officers and detectives conduct their on-scene investigation.

The road is estimated to be back open to all traffic at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Traffic Collision Investigation Squad detectives responded to the scene and continue to actively investigate.

5 thoughts on “Car crash at 23rd and Jefferson

  1. Appreciate the fast news. Was trying to figure out what all the commotion was about. Thanks!

  2. under what circumstances would that normally occur? and is a drug recognition expert another name for the K9 drug detection dog? hope everyone is ok.

    • Under the circumstance where police believe the driver was on something like drugs.
      No it’s not the dog, it’s a person with professional credentials. This person, let’s call him/her officer, makes a determination of whether the driver was on the drugs. Google can be your friend!

      • you are correct, google (or bing) can be my friend…did some general typing and found a wealth of info regarding drug recognition experts….found some good info and some not so good info…as with all things internet…your mileage can vary….LOL…anyhow thanks for helping me get the ball rolling…knowledge is power…..sad case that a drug expert had to be involved when there are minor children in the car,,actually sad that a drug expert had to be called upon at all. one thing i will say there are many things today that can mimic a drug reaction….hope that this is the case and that someone is not driving in our neighborhood locked and loaded….:(

  3. Must have been serious – still blocking it off at 8:30 pm. Incident happened hours ago.