Police still searching for answers in shooting that killed Wilbert Plummer

That parking lot at 22nd and Main was still an active crime scene Monday

That parking lot at 22nd and Main was still an active crime scene Monday

Police are still looking for information about a fatal shooting in a parking lot near Blanche Lavizzo Park last weekend.

Q13 has identified the man killed as Wilbert Plummer.

Police say he was at Tia Lou’s nightclub in Belltown Saturday night, but they do not know how he ended up shot in the 22nd and Main parking lot.

Anyone with information or who may have seen him or his black 2012 Jaguar Saturday night or Sunday morning should call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Tip Line at (206) 233-5000. You can also report any tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-tips.

23 thoughts on “Police still searching for answers in shooting that killed Wilbert Plummer

  1. This is sad!!!!! Someone knows something. Wtf is wrong with ppl nowadays. No compassion for the family. Seriously? That could b ur loved one n then what?? How do u think u would feel if no one came forward. The killer (s) is a frickn COWARD. I hope karma bites u in the ass. U just killed a great guy. U make me sick. Why isn’t anyone trying to get answers. It’s been how long n still no clue. What some wanna b tough guy shoots an unarmed Man. Wow,……loser

  2. Im still blowed he knew so many here in tampa for him to leave and this happen to him is really sad. I been checking and see no progress i knew Will pretty damn good and vwouldnt of gave a stranger a ride from the club unless it was a female and she would of been top notch knowing him but dont make sense then endin up in that parking lot at that time dolo and says they found him on the ground so u tellin me he got out the car but i saw the pic of the car with tape around just sounds foul and he didnt see it coming just dont make sense somebody always knows somebody who knows something ……..my man i use to call him Ill Will rip homie

  3. Seattle Washington the city made of a bunch of broke losers. Yall preyed on my dude like he was food. Now look what uve done, destroyed the life of an innocent man and the dumb fuck that pulled the trigger. Did you get what u were looking for asshole(s)? What did yall think it was gonna be swept under the rug? My dawg lost his life over some material stuff when u broke mofos couldve just manned-up and got a job. Smh D(EVILS)

    • If ur such a tough guy(s) maybe u should see what’s its like to get ur ass kicked by a chick (since all u r is a B—–). See ya at the club next sat night yooooo!

  4. Only thing that makes sense is him givin a female a ride. …I was seen him from our first date on v day for the past few months n nobody got beef w him….. seattle been doin too much lately. …post this link on tia lous fb wall

    • Who the heck are u ? I’m not judging u but he was damn near married to a good friend of mine and if u where with him for any amount of time and said I love you u would have went to his service. Funny how all this shit comes out after he was murderd. Anyways obviously u weren’t to much to him or u would have known his real friends and family and been at his service. If u have any respect for him or his family n girlfriend you d. Spit it all out and come clean about being with him etc. Or did u have something to do with his murder ?

      • Smfh something to do w his murder? I thought for a long fucking time before saying something bc I didn’t want anyone to think of him I’m a negative way and the point at which i decided to say something is that perhaps the angle of him being w a female wasn’t seriously looked at. I say he said he loved me j did not love him i liked him and enjoyed the time we spent but at the time i didn’t want a bf and i questioned what he said anyway. I didn’t speak to him every second like every three days or so. Why would i call anyone before his murder. I didn’t go through his phone…..I didn’t know he had a gf he kept sayin I’m only talkin to u but i did not believe that. I understandur and ur friend is hurt. I’m not all peachy over here so I’m unaware as why I’m the enemy when I am also morning the loss of someone i did care about. I do not know what u want me to tell police. ….I spoke w him via text the night of but not late that night and ourconvo was not detailed on his evenings plans.
        Once he called me and he was at the safeway by his house I’m his car he said he was too drunk to drive and to come get him. … maybe something similar happened here idk I wish I fucking knew so they could suffer the pain everyone else is going thru… with all these questions and questioning the reality of what i say y don’t u go thru his phone and tead the msgs? The cops clearly don’t give a fuck cuz I feel they would have contacted ppl In his phone.
        U don’t need to attack me tho I wasn’t comin on hete like “I fuckef him blablabla”……I want intending to cause more pain although i knew it would i feel it leads to the possibility of uncovering the truth of what happened.

      • I apologize to u for going off on you its just messed up and as u can tell I’m very protective of my friends and we all just want answers. Shawna was with him for 2years and so its a lil hard to cope with not only his murder but now to find out that he was cheating and also kind off feels like a slap in the face since its posted in here that she was his gf etc etc. Again lets just get to finding out what happend and who did this to wilbert.

  5. Lol I’m not a hoochir he never said he had a gf he was sayin I love u and ish….he was a good guy but ur just as much of a suprise as I guess the females here r

  6. Surprise??? This shit makes me fukn sick to my stomach n ur fukn game(s) is pathetic. Well it must if been a during the week thing bcuz I was there most wkds. N iAm sure if u were “something” u would have proof. If this is a sick twisted joke. It’s not funny. ([email protected]).

  7. Not makin a fuckin joke out of it I’m tellin u what it was don’t take ur pain out on me not a damn thing in his house showed he had a fuckin girl no pics no shampoo no toothbrush. My earrings r in his house lemme knoe if u find them. What proof u want? The safe in the closet where the condoms r? I visited him at work a few times so ask the dudes who work there who he was kissin on u ain’t the only one feelin pain here boo. He can’t answer ur questions but I didn’t cheat on u he did.

    • They denied seeing him with another chick. However they prob don’t want to be apart of it.

      Shawna P

      • Either way anyone looks at it. He’s gone. He’s not coming back. Someone better pay. Truly a great loss. Alot of Greiving souls. Who the fuck cares about the girl(s). It’s still not going to change a thing. He’s gone!!! IAm trying to deal with my own emotions to care about some bimbo. I have alot of great memories. I gained a great family n some of his good friends. I hope they catch the bastard(s). I just want to keep my head up …..stay strong…., and get some peace of mind.

  8. Shawna, forget about them. You know what you and Wil had. Just trying to stir up unnecessary drama, probably for sick pleasure. You were the woman in his life. He loved you more than anything. If there WAS someone else, which I really doubt, then it was probably a stupid mistake that he couldn’t get rid of.

    • That’s weird cuz shawna has a ton of shit there so he hid it ok I believe that u where with him but hola shit u can inmagine what my girl is going through and was there the day b4 he was murderd so lets not get it heated ladies he is gone and can’t defend himself. He may be a cheater but that doesn’t bring him back lets just work together and find out who dis this to him.

  9. The main priority is finding answers to his murder. Whatever bimbo he slept with is basically irrelevant at this point.

  10. Reaction is apart if grieving. Lets just forget about the cheating part even though I no it hurts. But we all need to work together and find out who is responseable for his murder. I will apoligise for being rude or disrepectful to any one.

    • Well true or not. Blindsided. Confused. But nothing will bring him back. I hope the killer rots in hell.