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Get on the Hopscotch Event Map: Deadline

Practice-Day-for-Hopscotch-CDWant to add a garage sale, lemonade stand, four square competion, or game of capture the flag to the Hopscotch CD course?

It’s easy, but this Saturday, May 18th is the last day we can get your information added to the paper map that will be handed out along the 1.8 mile course.

We need your event name, a short description, start/end time and location. Have a great idea, but not sure where to put it? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we can see if there’s a location or partner along the route for you! Garage sale not on the route but walkable from the route? That’s cool. Give us the details and we can still get you on the flier.

All the latest updates at
Route Map is HERE.

We will be tweeting during Hopscotch CD at #HopXCD.

3 thoughts on “Get on the Hopscotch Event Map: Deadline

  1. Hey, you don’t want to have an event but still want to help out! We need help!

    1. We still need Block Captains. Ideally, folks who live on one of the blocks along the route. Your job is to pass out sidewalk chalk, help people find the route, and in general just making sure everyone on the route is having fun. We really need these for Jackson from 25th to 20th and then 20th to Spruce.

    2. We could use as many hands and ideas for folks who are really pumped up to put on a fun late afternoon farewell Hopscotch carnival around 23rd and Union. All the sudden, there is a lot of cool things happening there.

    3. We are still looking for one or two people who want to be the Pratt Park manager. We have lots of people setting up booths there, doing fitness classes or games, but it would be great to have one person there who can be like this, “You, put your table there!”

    4. We can always use help spreading the word.

      • Hey Alex! I am actually surprised that you’re not in the loop with the carnival, street sales, garage sales along Union! Lots of volunteers making this all happen, so bummer that you were missed in the conversation.

        DEFINITELY. We’re trying to get our map to the designer tonight, so if you get chance can you drop me a direct line at [email protected].

        Union is going to be tons of fun on the first.