Man killed by security guard identified as Brandon Williams

20130528-193557.jpgThe man shot and killed Tuesday evening in the parking lot of the 23rd and Jackson Starbucks has been identified as Brandon L. Williams, 29.

Williams died after being shot in the torso, according to the King County Medical Examiner. Police are investigating the shooting as a homicide.

The security guard told police that Williams and a group of people were fighting in the parking lot on the east side of Starbucks just after 7 p.m. The armed guard, who is contracted to work the area and was on-duty, approached the group and told them to leave.

As some in the group separated and began leaving, Williams allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the people he had been fighting with. He then allegedly turned the gun on the guard, who fired and critically injured Williams.

After being shot, Williams stumbled to the north side of the Starbucks, where he collapsed.

There were at least six bullet casings marked on the ground at the scene. It is unknown whether Williams ever fired his gun, which was found near the spot where he collapsed.

11 thoughts on “Man killed by security guard identified as Brandon Williams

  1. And, a little investigative reporting of criminal records available to the public would result in what, Tom? What is the criminal history of Mr. Williams?

    • Same thing with most of the 52 courts in WA. It just takes a bit of hunting.

  2. I look up Brandon Lee Williams and see: Malicious Mischief, Property Destruction, Obstruction, Theft, AND Attempted Robbery. You wave a gun at an armed guard, you pay the price. I am glad that security guard was well trained and that he was able to save countless lives that day. One less ignorant criminal in my neighborhood waving handguns around.

    • Judge not that you be not judge you wasn’t there so allow this man to rest in peace!!!! regardless of what he did their is family nd friends that love nd care about this individual and at this time its one man’s word against the next the only thing is one man isn’t alive to tell his story

  3. The shootings are not very good for young men here. Where are the violent people from? We can send them there as Mr Tahir says.