Double shooting at MLK and Jackson – UPDATE: Police asking for information

BJEJE_0CQAADhKDPolice and medics responded to a report of a shooting involving two vehicles that resulted in at least two injured victims Monday night just before 6:45 near MLK Jr. Way and Jackson.

UPDATE 4/30: The victims tell police that they were in their vehicle when two other vehicles pulled into the parking lot and boxed them in. One suspect then approached the victims’ vehicle, opened the rear door and started yelling at them. He then pulled a gun and fired multiple shots. See below for updated details from SPD.

Original story:

Police say the suspect in the double shooting is at large and the gang unit is on scene. Police say one victim suffered a gunshot to the stomach scapula while the other was shot in the buttocks.

Traffic was diverted in the area as police began their investigation and searched for the suspect vehicle believed to have been involved in the shooting. The shooting happened directly across from Fire Station 6.

One witness told police a possible suspect may have left the scene on foot.

Police were collecting shell casings near the scene at a nearby store as the victims were transported to Harborview.

Seattle Fire says it was transporting two gunshot victims from  the 400 block of MLK JR Way S to Harvborview. A male in his 20s suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was in serious condition, according to SFD. Fire says the second victim is in his 30s and is also in serious condition.

UPDATE 4/30: Details from SPD:

Gunfire erupted this evening in Seattle’s Central District, leaving two men with serious injuries. Just shortly before 7:00 p.m. multiple calls came into 9-1-1 reporting shots fired in the area of 400 MLK Jr. Wy.

The two victims were located in the parking lot of the Quick Pack Food Mart, 2616 S. Jackson.  One victim, a 20-year old man was shot in the back and the second victim, a 26-year-old man was shot in the buttocks area.  Witnesses gave a description of a black male, 20’s, hair in a ponytail running from the scene.

According to both victims, they were sitting in their vehicle when a dark colored SUV drove and parked in front of their vehicle, blocking them in.  Four black males exited the SUV and started talking to each other; one of them went into the food mart.  Then suddenly, another dark colored SUV (possible Ford Flex) parked in back of them blocking their vehicle from the rear.  Moments later, an unknown male entered the victim’s rear driver’s side door and began to yell at them.  The 26-year-old victim then saw the unknown male pull out a gun and start shooting at them.  The suspect fled on foot and both victims called 911 for assistance.  Both victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

The Gang Unit responded and processed the scene.

Anyone with information about this incident and or suspect(s) is asked to call 9-1-1. Anonymous tips are welcome.

49 thoughts on “Double shooting at MLK and Jackson – UPDATE: Police asking for information

  1. Was coming back from the park a few blocks up MLK from this when I saw some young kids running (4 kids ~12 year olds.) when one of them ran past me he said to run there was a shooting at the chicken store. Turned around and followed them away from the scene. Took the back roads and ducked into walgreens. Same kids showed up a few minutes later waiting for things to blow over, calling their parents, etc. Not sure if they were eye witnesses or just very close when the shooting happened. Probably still in walgreens if SPD is reading this…

  2. Yea, great point. I would assume so? Never noticed them walking by but you’d think they would…

  3. Thank you, CD News, for once again, being the quickest to inform us about this. This violence and prevalence of guns and using them to solve issues has got to stop! I am so weary of the NRA ‘purchasing’ their way with lax controls.
    …Please note that as Chair of EastPAC (East Precinct Advisory Council) I speak as a community volunteer, as are all of our members, and we serve SPD in an ADVISORY capacity only…. Meaning my opinions are not related to SPD’s or the City’s opinions or positions. That said, we as a community need some answers, some hope and proactive prevention/intervention efforts.

  4. I drove by there around 5 and noted that there seemed to be a heavier ganglike presence. So much so that I drove around the block twice trying to get a sense of it. Several shifty characters. Couldn’t quite place the problem, but, definitely one of those senses that I have trusted for many years for good reason.

    You could smell it coming today if the window was down. I wonder if the cops driving by had their windows down or if they cruised by feeling glad to be secure in their car.

  5. Comments? Here’s one– why must you insist on dragging the whole NRA thing into this? All that will do is stir the sh*t. Do you seriously think the guys involved in this are concerned about registering their handguns? And, for the record, I am HUGELY in favor of much stricter gun control. But that wouldn’t have helped anything here. Why stir the pot?

  6. I think gangsters should have their homes and cars searched regularly for guns, knives, drugs, and any kind of abuse. That’s how you control crime. Preventing Jim from buying a gun doesn’t do anything but make the world safe for gangsters and deranged perverts.

  7. Comments? Here’s another – Do you really (Grumbo) think that cops choose to be cops if their nature is “glad to be secure in their car”? Do you really think that ordinary auto glass makes one feel “secure” from gunshots? You ‘sensed’ an air that you didn’t like so apparently you feel you are a superior first responder – why didn’t you do anything besides drive through again?

    When shots are fired the cops rush in, not roll up their windows and post snarky, negative comments. How about we at least give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  8. Yes, BP, I do think that cops avoid confronting gang behavior for many reason, primarily though because they are accused of racism every time the confront a thug. So in response, they do in fact, drive smugly by waiting in the knowledge that soon they can swarm in to a shooting and enjoy the adrenalin side of the job. I suggest that it is CD citizens fault that cops are pushed to be snarky drive past and wait responders rather than proactive protectors. It’s a fact. It’s not a slam on your idolized “first responders.” And I do far more than about anyone to deter crime. I couldn’t place the problem precisely, so, I moved on. I’m not a cop, and, it was more than 10 blocks from my house. Beyond my engagement zone. That particular area doesn’t provide any escape routes or safety zones for a lone operator. It is a known danger zone. Check the police logs.

  9. “When shots are fired the cops rush in.” obviously a comment from someone who didn’t live in this neighborhood in the 80’s or 90’s.

  10. The folks that used guns to commit this crime do not think this way. Proper and sensible controls do not come into play here, wrong forum. For research watch Sons of Anarchy, guns will never go away, just for the law abiding.

  11. You can’t take my rights to self defense and religion and freedom because some people are bad.

  12. We’re not the ones who said anything about that. I see how easy it is to think it. Anyone would. I do. But it’s not what was said here

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  14. Too bad we don’t have stop and frisk in Seattle. It would clean up a lot of these problems and is the best way to get illegal guns off the street.

  15. Early 90’s I reported shots fired from a porch, (4th of July) and I heard a responding officer call another on the radio saying “I don’t want to get shot up…. lets meet over…..) They never approached the house. I filed a complaint and I resisted pressure to drop it. Another officer told me he was disgusted with what he heard on the recording.

    There’s a lot of variety in Police and their response just as with all people. Don’t give up, keep at it, and hold them accountable. That’s life.

  16. I want to be involved, I do. I walk by that corner all the time. I get a bad feeling when I’m there, so this isn’t a huge surprise. But it is a huge disappointment. I think it’s BS to say the gun laws wouldn’t make a difference. Stricter laws=less guns out there. Every little bit counts. This all makes me sick. I want my children to grow up in a safe neighborhood. I love it here, but the violence is beginning to get to me. I want to be involved, like I said, but I don’t know what to do. And yes, I am scared.

  17. Yes I am sure that the shooters were NRA members.

    This would have nothing to do with the Eric Holders Justice departments policy of nonenforcement of current Federal Firearms Laws like being a felon in posession.

  18. Jfc this has as little to do with the NRA as it does with Eric Holder. Too many moron kids raised by moron parents, drugs, lack of blue collar living wage jobs, no snitching, gang bullshit that’s just been going back and forth so long they don’t even know why.

    There needs to be loooong mandatory sentences for using a gun in public. There will be another dad/mom/innocent with their brains splattered because some total loser wants to put in work for his hood.

  19. This is about guilt eating whities and other sillyheads thinking they can get involved and ‘help’ the unfortunate. Most folks aren’t unfortunate for any reason other than bad values, violent mentalities, and personal/societal weakness.

    Guns help. They help the oppressed fight against BS societies and defend themselves from creeps. We should arm and train all the area kids so they can get out of this.

  20. You want them to be weak animals and you stopped thinking when you got to your desired answer.

  21. No eastpac1, to keep YOU employed by keep the CD a containment zone for this scum for decades now. Keep the CD down, allow the criminals to be contained here, grant $$$ for YOUR position for life and happy city neighborhoods north of the ship canal with gangs in one place and not in their neighborhood. A class action suit against the city is the only way out.

  22. I think we can assume that a person is compensated in some way for the efforts they perform. I think people are pretty tired of the allegation that NRA opposes taking guns from gangsters, felons, mental patients, etc. The law already covers those problems.

    The problem is that the justice system does not prioritize fighting violent crime in the CD. And, I don’t blame the system. I blame the residents of the CD for their acceptance of crime and outright harboring and protecting known criminals and gangsters. These problems will remain until CD residents kick the creeps out and invite the po lease in. Po lease thinks we is idiots.

  23. Ever hear of snarky volunteers that consider themselves compensated when their venue for inflicting personal agendas on society are refunded? It’s a lot like self gratification to them in a publicly funded man cave.

  24. Since we’re off topic with the gun debate, I’ll chime in. Why not tax the hell out of guns? Yes, this also hurts hunters, blah, blah. But it’s not like a rifle is cheap to start with. Tax something enough and fewer people will buy fewer of them. Fewer guns purchased = fewer guns manufactured = fewer guns on the street. This is also something we can do at the state level and not have to wait for the Feds to enact. Maybe use the money for rehabilitation.

    It worked for cigarettes…

  25. Well Matt. Apparently your school did not test that you understood the basics of HIstory, Civics, or how to keep up with national politics.

    Unlike cigarretts, where this type of prejudicial tax is debatable, gun ownership is constitutionally protected and any efforts to unreasonably tax guns would be met with the same national debate and eventual Supreme Court action that has consistently vindicated and supported the individual right of gun ownership. The debate is over. Guns are your right and responsibility. You may loose those rights by commiting a felony or being labelled as insane.

    I really don’t see how you people continue to try to weasel in some have baked attack on constitutional rights and fail to see that time after time decade after decade the US Supreme Court and the vast majority of Americans snub your ill advised wasted effort.

    America is free because we have always had guns and remain fully prepared to use them against any forces foreign or domestic who attempt to diminish our human rights as defined clearly in the the constitutional ammendments, including of course the second. But go ahead and use your right to the first.

    I’ve already stocked up on what is needed for generations to protect the rights of the fools who haven’t done the same yet.

  26. And the men who were injured in this double shooting – how did they diminish the shooter’s human rights?

  27. Based on the statements the shooters are now felons, if they were not already, so they would now be prohibited from possessing weapons. Also, they are of course prohibited, as we all are, from committing violent crimes.

    I would be for regular searches of the homes of known folonious violent criminals to assertain that they do not have possesion of guns. I would also support a law that prevented possesion of guns in the home of a violent felon. The other residents can protect their own rights by banishing the felon. MIght be a gray area there, but, some sort of law could probably fly in that arena. Also, I would post humously convict the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter, and any other parent that ignored the obvious insanity and still chose to have unsecured guns in the home.

    See, you guys are trying to fix individual problems with a mass attack on the general population. And that attack will do nothing at all to keep criminals from being criminals.

  28. Religion does not prevent violence either. It actually promotes many kinds of horrible things.

  29. @Grumbo There’s nothing unconstitutional about taxing guns. Having the right to keep and bear arms (especially as a _well regulated_ militia) doesn’t give you the right to buy them tax-free. Actually, six other states are looking at this already.

    The core issue is that our stock of guns is going up with time. A gun lasts effectively forever – one built today may be around in a century. We need a mechanism to regulate manufacturing and sales, or increased violence is an inevitable concequence.

    • Good point indeed and I have decided to support the gun tax. The function is to make guns affordable only people with good incomes. Poor people are more likley criminals any and it is them that we are fighting to keep down anyway. We should be sure to capture the tax also on sales between individuals, that way we can better assure that the poor cannot get guns. Also, if they do manage to exchange guns somehow and fail to pay the tax we will have a simple revenue violation on them. It is very easy to prove that the tax was not paid. Best if we put the obligation on the reciever of the weopon to mail the tax in – that way, who ever holds the gun would have to have a record in the database that they have in fact paid the tax. Excellent method of criminalizing more behaviors to lock up a higher ratio black men.

      And, we already do pay sales tax on guns. They have never been tax free.

  30. Awesome, push those right at the limit to obtain their guns on the black market or other avenues tax free or in a neighboring state. I know it’s not the point of your off topic post, but criminals especially, worry about a high tax when stealing or trading for these guns we all know that.

  31. Ya. Just an obtuse post to try to point out the error of the concept. We have mountains of laws and taxes in place. Let’s focus on prioritizing enforcement in places that benefit the community the most. Take a page from Seattle’s non-enforcement of marijuana laws. That was great step at not wasting everybody’s time and criminalizing people who are more likely to smoke out doors or in their car – young or poor. If I were to fire up a blunt or something I would do it in the back yard. Good prioritization instructions to SPD.

    Next up would be to increase monitoring court orders and parole to assure that known felons are staying at home, not dealing drugs, not in possesion of weapons.

    Also, lend a hand to the families of disturbed people. Offer to take their weapons for safe keeping. Increase enforcement against family and friends that allow access to weapons and drugs. I have a friend who’s brother is a convicted felon wife beater. My friend was asked to keep the brothers weapons. Now the brother wants them back. My friend won’t let him have them unless he provides evidence that he is legally allowed to have guns. Now, what if friend did give guns to felonious wife beater or gangster? He should then be arrested as well.

    The issue is responsibility and holding people to it. Not blanket controls on all members fo society.

  32. Are you arguing that guns should be cheaper? Should there be a gun subsidy to make sure we get more guns in the hands of the poor? A chicken in every pot and a handgun in every waistband?

    I’m fine with only a high tax on new guns, to reduce demand for them and reduce the flow of guns from factories to the public.

  33. I’m advocating that there are plenty of laws and taxes. The problem is waste resulting from public over reaction to every hand cuffed criminal and news event. I’m advocating we chill out and focus on integrity, opportunity, and enforcement against the worst actuvities. No need to oppress rights of good people.

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