Police arrest two men suspected in 21st and Yesler mugging

Police arrested two men and are still on the lookout for a third after they allegedly mugged a man waiting at a bus stop near 21st and Yesler Tuesday.

The men allegedly stole the victim’s wallet and brand new shirt before punching him in the head and fleeing into Pratt Park around 3:45 p.m., according to police.

Details from the SPD Blotter:

Officers tracked down and arrested two robbers in the Central District Tuesday after they attacked a man and stole his wallet and shirt.

The victim was waiting at a bus stop at 21st Avenue and E. Yesler Way at about 3:45 pm when three suspects walked up to him and demanded money. The suspects then grabbed the victim’s wallet and a pink dress shirt—which the victim had just bought—and punched the victim in the head before they fled west on Yesler Way.

The victim followed the suspects to Pratt Park and then called 911.

Officers began searching around the park and found one suspect—a 29-year-old man—near 19th Avenue and S. Jackson Street. Officers also found and returned the victim’s ID and shirt.

The victim, who was bloodied but not seriously injured in the incident, was treated at the scene.

A bit further away from the park, near 16th Avenue and S. Weller Street, officers arrested a second suspect—a 27-year-old man on DOC supervision, who happens to be the 29-year-old suspect’s cousin.

Officers booked the 27-year-old and the 29-year-old into King County Jail for robbery.

Police are still looking for the third suspect in the robbery.

2 thoughts on “Police arrest two men suspected in 21st and Yesler mugging

  1. Hopefully DOC will actually DO something about their defendant catching a new charge. Unlikely, though. Please publish the name of the accused after arraignment so we can all look up and call his DOC officer demanding action.

  2. the police really need crack down on this robbery spree. robberies turn to homicides in a split second.