King 5 features Hollow Earth Radio’s effort to broadcast a neighborhood-wide FM signal

I imagine we will be dedicating a decent amount of space on CDNews over the next half-year or so to low-power FM, especially Hollow Earth Radio’s efforts to get a 100 Watt broadcasting license that could reach radios throughout most of the Central District.

For one, CDNews is a partner on the project. HER has a lot of interest in community journalism, and while it’s not exactly clear what our partnership will look like, I am definitely excited about the possibilities to bring more voices into the CD media and journalism landscape.

Here is a paragraph from my letter of support for a recent grant proposal station managers were putting together to help transition from online-only to airwave broadcast:

As a community news website, our biggest challenge is reaching neighborhood residents who do not use the Internet often. The potential to partner with HER to provide our important news, which is often not covered by any other news outlet, to more people in a medium they are more familiar with is very exciting and would provide a great service to the community.

Stay tuned for more as things develop.

In the meantime, here’s a recent King 5 report featuring Hollow Earth Radio:

2 thoughts on “King 5 features Hollow Earth Radio’s effort to broadcast a neighborhood-wide FM signal

  1. This is great stuff Tom – as a former college radio DJ I am a *huge* fan of low-power community radio.

  2. Thanks Tom! We’re excited about the possibilities with LPFM. As things move along further we’re planning on holding public meetings where local residents can come and discuss what they would want out of a terrestrial FM community radio station in the neighborhood and how they would like the station to work for the people living in the immediate vicinity we will be serving. Part of that includes a Central District ‘News Room’, but there are also other possibilities for collaboration out there I’m sure.

    There is no reason anyone in the neighborhood has to wait though. We hold volunteer orientations every first Sunday of the month. It’s really easy to become involved in the station and shape programming and how the space is used. We would love more folks to become involved and make radio NOW (as we have been doing, for the past seven years). We’re all volunteer run over here, no one gets paid. Come help shape the space!