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LOST DOG – Found!

Our dog, Autumn, ran away from the entrance to the Blue Dog Park today around 11:30am.   She headed south on 26th Ave S and took a right turn onto S Grand St.  She doesn’t know the area well.  She is a retriever/shepherd mix and has reddish-brown fur with a bushy, curled tail.  She is friendly with people and other dogs, but she can be skittish and may bark at unfamiliar people.  She will likely take treats from you, but she might not let you pet her.  If you have seen her at all please give me a call or text at 206-422-2729.  Thank you!IMG_1068

2 thoughts on “LOST DOG – Found!

  1. She came home! We are temporarily living in Madison Park and she just showed up at our doorstep-3.5 miles away from the park. Dogs are truly amazing animals!