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Squire Park Invites you to Connect with Your Neighbors and Help Shape the Future of Your Neighborhood.

School Board Member Kay Smith-Blum and School Levies, Jackson Street Commons and  the 23rd Avenue Complete Street Project are on the agenda.

Meet up with your neighbors on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at Squire Park Community Council Quarterly meeting at Centerstone, 722 18th Avenue from 10:00 AM to noon. Get to know each other, become informed and consider joining the Board.

In January we will be welcoming Kay Smith-Blum who has been recently elected as President of the Seattle School Board. She will be joined by the Schools First Campaign to present the upcoming school levies that will appear on the February 12, 2013 ballot. Knox Gardner will lead a discussion about Jackson Commons, and the Seattle Department of Transportation will present on the 23rd Avenue Complete Streets Project. Current Board members and attendees will discuss the needs of the Squire Park Community Council Board and nominate and elect new Board members, along with reelecting some whose terms have expired.

Twenty-three years ago a group of C.D. residents joined to form an organization in
which neighbors could meet to discuss and act on common neighborhood issues — in
short, to build community. While community organizations have come and gone, the
Squire Park Community Council has continued to bring neighbors together four times
a year. In the weeks before those quarterly meetings, SPCC has, for decades, distributed a newsletter to almost all of the thousands of households in the area bounded by
23rd Ave., S. Jackson St., 12th Ave., and E. Union St. The Community Council is a
neighborhood organization recognized by the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, but receives no regular funding or staff support from the City. The work of the Community Council is completely dependent on community members — you and your
neighbors. When community volunteers deliver SPCC Newsletters to neighbors’ doorsteps the best possible reward for the effort would be for every reader showing up at
the quarterly meeting. The meetings provide an opportunity for neighbors to get together for informed discussions with our guests while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea
and a snack, along with a little time to complete some business.

New board members will be elected at the January 12 meeting. You could be
one of them. New energy and ideas are the lifeblood of the organization. No experience is necessary — bring the desire to work on efforts for a great quality of life in our
neighborhood. Please consider how and what you or your neighbors can contribute to
the Community Council. What are your dreams for the community? Work is always
easier with many hands, how can you help? Please consider joining the Board.

2 thoughts on “Squire Park Invites you to Connect with Your Neighbors and Help Shape the Future of Your Neighborhood.

  1. Thank you to all the community members who attended and the great new Squire Park Community Council Board members who stepped forward to serve. Thank you to our guests presenters who addressed issues of interest to our community. Thank you Kay Smith-Blum, Knox Gardener, and Susan McLaughlin with SDOT Policy and Planning and Lorelei Williams, the SDOT Capital Projects Manager. Tom Teicher with transition housing for those coming out prison also attended and announced that the housing at 16th and E. Spring has been sold and that at least a portion of the property is slated to be developed for single family housing.