Man has cardiac event while biking, passerby and medics revive him

A man in his 50s was biking near 18th and Jefferson Friday afternoon when he suddenly had a cardiac event and collapsed, according to the Fire Department, which sent a large response to the location.

A person nearby saw him fall shortly after 4:45 p.m. and started administering CPR until medics arrived. They were eventually able to revive him, and the man was transported to the very nearby Cherry Hill Swedish Medical Center.

Here’s to the passerby who went to his aid and started CPR.

4 thoughts on “Man has cardiac event while biking, passerby and medics revive him

  1. Thank goodness someone nearby knew CPR. Message to self: Take a first aid class. What I learned 45 years ago as a child is definitely not adequate.

    • Absolutely do. I took one last year at my son’s school and a huge amount has changed since when I took it 20 years ago.

      Did you know mouth-to-mouth is optional these days? Apparently they’ve found that people are more likely to dive in and help a stranger if you don’t have to kiss them, and cell phones are so common and response times are so quick that it doesn’t matter much anyway.

  2. This is truly great news. I was headed home driving west when I approached the intersection and saw the man face down with his arms tangled under his body. My assumption was that he was struck by a car or bus….so I began to pray immediately; as I watched a Heroic man pick up the victim while fluid drained to the concrete. He began yelling for help as he started to perform CPR. What a site it was for me, and being a product of the Central District; it’s beautiful to see someone step outside themselves to help out. I’m glad the guy is recovering.

    God Bless the Victim and those who assisted in this situation.