Crime Roundup: Masked stabbing, robbed while buying beer + hit-and-run arrest

Here’s a look at some of the crime incidents reported in the area in recent weeks. Most information comes from Seattle Police reports.

Masked man stabs stranger in the shoulder

A man told police he was stabbed in the shoulder near 21st and James shortly after 3:30 p.m. December 15. The person who stabbed him was wearing a ski mask, and no words were exchanged. The victim told police he does not know who would have done that to him.

From the police report:

Woman robbed while buying beer at 23rd and Cherry

A woman waiting for a friend to buy more beer at the 23rd and Cherry AM/PM after a night at the Twilight Exit was robbed December 9 shortly before 1:45 a.m. Details from the police report:

Man arrested at 22nd and Main after downtown hit-and-run

A man suspected of striking a person biking downtown early Christmas Eve was arrested at 22nd and Main after allegedly fleeing the scene. From the SPD Blotter:

Early this morning a bicyclist was struck by a Toyota Camry at 2nd Avenue and James Street, causing injuries to the bicyclist. Officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle and arrested the driver a short time later.

Shortly after 2:00 this morning, a bicyclist was riding his bike westbound on James Street approaching 2nd Avenue. At the same time, a Toyota was travelling southbound on 2nd Avenue. The bicycle and the car collided in the intersection and the Toyota did not stop. Witnesses were able to provide officers a description of the car and a license plate.

Officers responded to the registered owner’s address in the 2200 Block of South Main Street. There they located the vehicle, and three men just getting out of it. There was damage to the front of the car, and a smashed windshield. Officers were able to determine who was driving and observed that he may have been under the influence. A DUI officer responded to the location and evaluated the 27-year-old suspect. He was placed under arrest and later booked into the King County Jail.

The cyclist was treated at 2nd and James by the Seattle Fire Department and transported to Harborview Medical Center. It is believed that he sustained a severe laceration to his head, and possibly some broken bones. Because this was a hit and run collision with serious injuries, detectives from the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad were called out to the scene. They processed the scene and will have the responsibility for the continuing investigation.

3 thoughts on “Crime Roundup: Masked stabbing, robbed while buying beer + hit-and-run arrest

  1. The murder mart doesn’t have cameras on the parking lot? Knowing that and that the location is known as a murder mart or stab-n-grab will be preventing me from any fuel or convenience store purchases there in the future. This is a rough location. I thought the electric eye was at least on. Put up cameras so that the thugs do not great their marks at the door.

    • “Murder mart” is a bit harsh. But yes, the report notes that there is camera footage that police may have accessed since the report was filed. (I assume that’s a job for follow-up investigation)

      • I don’t think it’s harsh. A lifetime in the CD and 4 years now with a kid at GHS and that place is a violence mart for sure. Ever been inside when all hell breaks loose? The guy behind the counter doesn’t bat an eye as long as it spills out the doors on to the cement and doesn’t damage any goods. I was there at 730am on a Saturday morning before a trip the kids were loading up for at GHS. My son wanted a water bottle. Just trying to walk in and walk back out we were so endlessly harassed by a crackhead – while the guy behind the counter did nothing – both in and outside the store that I thought he would actually attack us. That corner was hell when I was a teen and I’m old now. It will never get better as long as the businesses – that one in particular – don’t care about the violence on their property.