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Lost Dog near Cherry St. and MLK Jr Way

My dog, Hera, got out of the house before midnight on New Year’s Eve while no one was home. The house is on the 2700 block of E Marion St. close to MLK Jr. Way.  She doesn’t know the area well so she could be in any of the surrounding neighborhoods.  Hera is a Shepard/Husky/Malamute mix and she is friendly with people, dogs, and cats, but she can be skittish and may bark at unfamiliar people.  She will likely take treats from you, but she probably won’t let you pet her.  If you have seen her at all please give me a call or text at 360-589-1838. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hope you don;t mind but I posted this on Madrona Moms. They have an amazing knack for reuniting lost pets with local owners. I have my fingers crossed for Hera! Onika

    • So I have another update for you and Madrona moms. She was spotted by two of our friends on the Quad at UW today. If you could thank everyone for helping me this past week it would be appreciated. I don’t know how that large of an area could hear about my dog, but they did and thank you so much. I’ll also let you know when I get her back.


  2. Thank you so much! And I do have an update; she has been seen by a few different people near the Jackson St. and 31st intersection on Jan 4th. I have also talked to a few people that have received voicemails and phone calls from Madrona Moms and I can’t say it enough. Thank You so so much!!!


  3. I know you probably already have. However, I want to make sure. Have you called the Seattle Animal Shelter? If someone who doesn’t read CD News spotted a stray dog, they may have called animal control. Many years ago we had a dog that escaped our yard, around a time of fireworks. First we looked for her and finally called Animal Control. That is where she was.

    • Yeah we have been checking there everyday and they also have a poster and my contact info if anyone reports her. Thank you.