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Central District Map Table Seeks New Home

This pegboard map of Seattle features the Central District

A unique pegboard map table is looking for a new place to reside and inspire. Boxwood [an integrated design studio] is relocating our office and won’t have space in our new suite to take this custom designed piece with us. We are hoping to donate it to a nonprofit community group in the Central District that can give it a new home and use it in community projects.

The map was part of a four table exhibit used at the Seattle Design Festival in 2011. The four tables fit together into a larger map of Seattle, with streets labeled and neighborhoods identified in big bold letters. Metal flag poles allowed visitors to identify their favorite restaurants, parks, or community spaces across the city. When the exhibit ended the four tables went their separate ways, and Boxwood received this one because one of our principals constructed it while working on the SDF committee.

Interestingly, two-thirds of the firm’s personnel live in the Central District (the author – that’s me! – included). Much of the firm’s recent work has been in Capitol Hill, which also appears on the map table. In Boxwood’s studio it was used as a fun way to identify our projects, homes, our favorite restaurants, and more. We thought the map table would work well at community meetings, allowing citizens to mark with flags some of their favorite Central District businesses, where they would like to see a new park, to highlight areas they are concerned with, or identify some hidden gems in the neighborhood.

Please contact Liz Coleman at [email protected] if a community group you work with is interested in taking the table. The firm’s move is final on Monday, January 14, and the table must be removed by then. It will need to be picked up and hauled from Downtown Seattle.

Boxwood is a sustainable design firm that works in architecture, graphic design, web design, identity, and branding. Recent work in Seattle’s core neighborhoods includes Pie in Fremont and Seattle Center, Montana Bar (and its under-construction expansion) and La Bete in Capitol Hill, City Hostel in Belltown, Hotel Hotel in Fremont, Beacon Pointe (a residential development in South Beacon Hill), and the soon-to-be built Elmwood Place rowhouses in the Central District. Learn more at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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