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Central Area Community Development Coalition- Founding Meeting This Wednesday

Do you live, work, worship or own a business in the Central District? You are invited to attend the founding meeting of the Central Area Community Development Coalition (CACDC), where neighbors and community organizations in the Central Area will work together toward responsible development that will support the needs of the community.
To this end we will work in coalition to ensure all development in the Central Area is transparent and community–controlled. It is our goal to preserve the existing culture and economic character of the community, and support good jobs with living wages,
health care and respect for workers.
If you are concerned about the future of Judkins Park, Fire Station #6, or Promenade 23, please join us. The United Black Clergy will host the first public meeting of CACDC to discuss these issues and any other development concerns in the Central Area. All residents and workers in the Central  Area are encouraged to attend.

The Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 16, from 4:00-5:30PM at the Greater Mt. Baker Baptist Church located at 2425 S. Jackson street.

14 thoughts on “Central Area Community Development Coalition- Founding Meeting This Wednesday

  1. So how does this group differ from CADA? (who used to have a stake in prom 23)

    I am not a CD resident, but think it is important not to split resources.

    • CADA is a non-profit developer of affordable housing, similar to Capitol Hill Housing. It is not a neighborhood council or neighborhood association type group. Hope that clarifies things.

  2. The United Black Clergy is offering a space for the community as a whole to come together around development issues. CADA has been invited to the forum and we hope they will participate and share with the community how we can best support their work as well.

  3. I am also a bit confused about who will be running the meeting and if there is already a coalition supporting the group and its formation. There are a lot of groups, Union Street, CADA, Jackson Street, 12th Avenue. Central Area Chamber of Commerce etc, along with the community councils, that are interested in the topic of development. In order to be successful, it seems like all or many organizations would have to part of the planning.

  4. “Preserve the existing culture and economic conditions in the CD”????? That sounds like the opposite of what people want. I want a culture of poverty and gang violence. Man, what a crock.

    • This is an outrageous attack on our residents an our city. Urban planning is the domain of our elected officials based on input from residents. We do not want more businesses and unions assuming roles of our citizens. The Black Clergy? How about paying attention to matters of faith and moral guidance to the lost souls in the CD. Get your constituents to be responsible and act directly on their own behalf. We do not presuem that the Black Clergy represents any citizen. Same for the Union – What on earth has the United Food and Commercial Workers Union got to do with how I develop my property or zoning in the CD?

      This is an assault by a minority of cummunist activists hiding behind religion and workers facades. Lets protest this meeting and evict the interlopers.

      • Back in the old days all other areas of the city had community councils except the CD. The city did not recognise community councils in the CD just the black churches. The first council, the Judkins Rejected Council was the first to finally be recognized and soon more followed. The alot of the black reverends never got over it.

  5. The UBC is hosting, however this is an open forum. Other individuals and organizations including UFCW have been involved in the planning. This is an opportunity for any individuals or organizations with a vested interest in the CD to have a voice in community development. All are encouraged to come.

    • Most residents already have a voice and we do not appreciate the duplicitous effort to dilute the voices we have worked long and hard to establish. We reject and protest your offer. You are however welcome to attend one of the community council meetings should you intend to contribute in an honest and meaningful way as a member of the CD community.

      • Hey, the meeting hasn’t even happened yet. Folks should at least give it a chance before disregarding it as “duplicitous.” If it is redundant to other groups, then I’m sure that will come up. But if it has something new to offer, then that’s great. We’ll never know if we shoot everything down before it even starts.

      • Touche. But.

        There are many open groups with long histories of promoting community engagement in planning. It takes a long history and engagement of many types of people to keep these groups balanced and reasonable representative of the broader population. If more people would engage the neighborhood councils they could have a legitimate and impactfull voice, rather than the screaming noodle heads they sometimes appear to be. When we consistently have new groups popping up to the extent that there are 100 organizations claiming to represtent the true CD – nobody gets heard.

        Further, I am highly suspicious that the Union of Black Clergy are open to representing the broader community. Same with the Unions or others specific interest groups that want to insert their particluar propaganda as a representation of the community’s voice.

        Folks who do not show up at regular community meetings offering to speak for us and provide a forum for us to be heard. How generous. You don’t want to be a part of us, but, we can come lend our voice to you. I have more respect for my arch enemies Hobson and Bradburg that openly and consistently exert their ruinous ideas on the community than a closed network of religous and/or socialist activists.