Bruce Harrell announces mayoral run, sets up campaign at 23rd and Union


Harrell in front of his campaign headquarters in the MidTown Centre at 23rd and Union

City Councilmember Bruce Harrell announced his candidacy for Seattle mayor Tuesday, and his campaign set up shop at 23rd and Union next to Earl’s Cuts & Style.

Harrell has housed successful political campaigns at 23rd and Union in the past, but this time he is entering an already-crowded mayoral race with several other heavy hitters vying to the job.

Declared candidates so far include incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn, City Councilmember Tim Burgess, real estate broker Charlie Staadecker, state Senator Ed Murray, former Greenwood Community Council President Kate Martin, former City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck and, as we reported previously, Omari Tahir-Garrett.

CDNews does not typically endorse candidates for office, but we will certainly be covering the issues and debates that directly affect the Central District.

Here’s an excerpt from Harrell’s press release outlining changes he imagines for community centers and community outreach:

To support his vision, Harrell stated he will convert the majority of the community centers to Empowerment Centers, giving youth, seniors and all people the tools and curriculum to be successful. He will create 20 Community Service Officers (CSOs) with approximately 4 in each precinct, reflecting the communities they serve. The CSOs will strengthen the police department’s community presence, build relationships and conduct meaningful outreach for the police department and facilitate a program known as Saving Streets and Saving Souls that bring faith communities, gang outreach workers and mentors to the most troubled parts of the city and downtown.

6 thoughts on “Bruce Harrell announces mayoral run, sets up campaign at 23rd and Union

    • I believe he is not the only person of color. Omari is running and his house and headquaters is a few blocks away. Entertaining election year!

    • I’m confused, where did he call himself the only candidate of color? I just read the article again and didn’t see that quote anywhere. Did you just look at the picture and mentally project that on him?

  1. Stopped by his office last night, place was packed with lots of excited people. Had a chance to meet Mr. Harrell, stand up guy that actually listened to me instead of blowing me off like a few other (unnamed) politicians. Can’t wait to hear more about his policies and what he’s doing to build our community.

  2. What’s Bruce After? Some folks had been speculating that Bruce might put together a strong challenge to Adam Smith for Washington’s 9th Congressional District. Interesting to see him getting into a this mayors race? Hope he gets some traction.

  3. Bruce A.Harrell, married have 2 children,a boy and girl,he and his family lives in Seattle,Washington,not a condo in Bellevue,washington