Announcing CDNews’ first ever free Central District Journalism School course!

cdjschoollogoHey you! Yes, you. Have you ever wanted to learn the tools of the professional journalism trade? Do you want to tell the stories behind the people, places, issues and events down the block and around your neighborhood?

Then you should register for the first ever free Central District Journalism School course, hosted by CDNews Editor Tom Fucoloro.

The class is designed for journalism beginners who live, work or play in Seattle’s Central District. You’ll learn the basics of reporting and crafting a compelling news story, and classes will meet in the comfort of 25th and Union’s Cortona Cafe.

The six-week course—which may be among the first of its kind—starts Monday, February 18 and will meet from 5–6 p.m. every Monday through March 25.

There are only six spots available, so register now.

See you in class!

6 thoughts on “Announcing CDNews’ first ever free Central District Journalism School course!

  1. My son is studying journalism and I would tell him about this course…except that I don’t think true journalists stifle response to articles the way CD news does. And those moderating are not the writer of the article. Komo, The Times, etc. moderate to weed out personal attacks, profanity and off topic information. Tom, as I’ve told you before, I think you allow some amazing personal attacks while “moderating” (i.e., deleting) comments which are not profanity/attacks, etc. but which you just personally don’t agree with. That sounds more like a personal blog than a news site. I’m sorry for that, as I’m sure my son would love to take a journalism course here at home in Seattle.

    • Discuss issues like these and many more in the free CD Journalism School course! Mondays starting February 18, 5-6 at Cortona Cafe!

    • Just want to keep this elevated. I hope you get some people in there and that we see some stories from them.

  2. Very good idea Tom. That is providing real opportunity and inspiration right at home.

    As for sencorship, unfortunately, virtually all media and jounalists practice it. The bottom line is that you have an audience that you don’t want to offend. People are thin skinned weanies that just can’t handle that other people see things differently. I think one of the worse forms of censorship is the self sencorship that prevents most of us from providing honest dialog.

    A favorite example is Juan Williams, a long time hero of mine. Juan hits the facts consistently and frames opinion around solid facts, vs, most who frame broad propaganda around half truths. I’ve been a fan of Juan for many years as I used to be able to listen to NPR. The horror of him making an honest statement that should have inspired an honest dialog lead to his firing from NPR. On Fox he continues his fact based discussions even in the face of BS slingers like OReilly. The leftists will call him a sell out for lending credibility to the other side. The man is a true hero.

    As for your weird brand of censorship it is largely a result of a small enterprise. What would we expect other than to have your marks all over this thing. And then there is the particular moderations required by the inflamations specific to our demographics in the CD and the ninniness of Seattlites in general.

    I represent nearly the polar opposite of you (bicycling exepted). But, good job, sort of. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

  3. That sounds great but is Cortona still linked with Mars Hill? I still can’t bring myself to enter that shop.