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Car2go free registration available

Car2go is a new car sharing program starting in Seattle on Dec 19. It is different than Zipcar in that you don’t/can’t reserve cars, just find one that is available, walk up and check it out. Also different than Zipcar, you drop it off anywhere in the “home area”. Grab it from your neighborhood, drive to a friend’s house and park it on the street, and you are done. It is termed a free floating car share program and it allows one-way trips. And you pay by the minute – $.38/min with a maximum of $14/hour.

For a limited time, you can join for free (normally a $35 one time fee) and receive 30 minutes of free driving. Just follow the link at the end of this post, and they will provide you with the free code on the page.

The home area is Seattle, south of 125th ave, north of McClellan st and excludes all of West Seattle. Many people (myself included) are disappointed that the home area does not include all of Seattle. But we can change that. If you live outside of the home area, please join today while it is free. And share with any friends who live outside the home area. Car2go has said that if it sees high demand in other neighborhoods, it will expand. It expanded in Portland when this happened. So let’s show them!

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