Police search Swedish Cherry Hill for man with rifle – UPDATE: Scene cleared

UPDATE: Police and hospital officials report that the scene has been cleared, and they believe there is no threat in the area.

Police searched the Swedish Cherry Hill campus at 16th and Jefferson Thursday morning after they received a report of a man carrying a rifle. We will update as we learn more.

From SPD:

Seattle police are investigating an unconfirmed report of an armed man at a Central District hospital.

Just after 9:30 am, a man called police and reported he had seen a man carrying a rifle in the Swedish Hospital parking garage at 16th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

Police have only received one report about the armed man, but patrol officers and SWAT are working with hospital security to search the building and find the man or confirm the report.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available.


After searching the hospital for nearly two hours, officers weren’t able to find the supposedly armed man, and were unable to confirm the initial report. Police are now clearing the scene.

3 thoughts on “Police search Swedish Cherry Hill for man with rifle – UPDATE: Scene cleared

  1. It is hunting season. Lots of doctors are hunters. There are lots of reasons a person might be seen with a rifle.

    Common sense would dictate carrying it in a cover, but, lots of guys don’t. He may have borrowed it from another amature and exchanged hands in the parkign lot.