Police on CD Halloween patrol stop Jeep they suspect was involved in recent shooting

Unfortunately, Halloween in the Central District has not been all fun and games in recent years. This year, a fire at 26th and Jackson left six people displaced from their homes. Officer Timothy Brenton was shot and killed at 29th and Yesler in 2009. One year earlier, Quincy Coleman was murdered near Garfield High School in a gang-related shooting (a suspect was arrested and charged earlier this year).

Friends of Coleman gathered near the spot where he was shot Wednesday for a memorial. Police received tips that there may be violence on the anniversary of Coleman’s death, so they were on emphasis patrols.

At 21st and James, four blocks away from the memorial gathering, Gang Unit detectives say they spotted a Jeep that may have been involved in a recent south Seattle shooting. They contacted the men standing by the Jeep and found a gun and drugs. They were placed under arrest.

From SPD:

Gang Unit detectives working an emphasis patrol in the Central District on Halloween night arrested two men and seized a gun, drugs, and a Jeep which may be connected to a recent shooting in south Seattle, which left two people wounded.

In recent weeks, sources have told gang detectives about the potential for gang violence on Halloween night, marking the fourth anniversary of the murder of Quincy Coleman, who was shot and killed near Garfield High School in 2008.

Last night, as detectives patrolled the Central District, they spotted two men standing next to a silver Jeep parked on 21st Avenue and E. James Street, about four blocks away from where friends of Coleman’s had gathered for a memorial outside Garfield.

Detectives believed the Jeep matched the description of a vehicle that sped away from the scene of a double shooting on October 23rd near Mount Baker, so they pulled over to talk to the two men.

When detectives approached two men—who are 18 and 25 years old—at 21st Ave. and James St., one of the men tried to walk off down the street.

Detectives then searched the two men and found a pistol in the 18-year-old man’s pocket. Detectives also found 13 grams of crack cocaine and a small amount of marijuana in the 25-year-old man’s Jeep. The 18-year-old man is a felon, and is not supposed to have access to guns.

Detectives and patrol officers arrested the two men—booking the 18-year-old into jail on a weapons charge, and the 25-year-old on a drug charge—and seized the Jeep, which was taken to SPD’s evidence unit.

In other crime news, a suspected burglar known for breaking into homes while occupants slept and who was allegedly active in the area was taken into custody in California this week along with a suspected accomplice, according to Seattle Police.

Shaka Barquet, 25, was wanted on a felony warrant for what police say was a “prolific” burglary spree that targeted homes on E Galer, E Pine, in North Seattle and possibly into the Central District and South Seattle.

Police say Barquet “committed identity theft and fraud, using credit cards stolen during the burglaries.”

Both suspects are currently in jail in California awaiting extradition.

8 thoughts on “Police on CD Halloween patrol stop Jeep they suspect was involved in recent shooting

  1. Would like to see pictures posted. Espcially of the burglers. They’ll be back. So will the gang bangers.

    They are known fellons. Let’s have a look at them so we can be alert when they are in our block.

    I have seen some pretty sketch characters patroling our streets, and, the burglary rate is up in the Jackson Place area. Let’s be on the street and alert.

  2. I also always take a few minutes on Halloween to remember Officer Brenton, I remember driving by MLK & Yesler on my way home that Halloween and immediately knowing it was something awful.

  3. I agree, lets see pictures of these folks. As far as personal freedoms are concerned, you give those up when you choose to commit violent crimes.

  4. Just click on the link and you’ll see Barquet’s photo. He might be your new neighbor soon.

  5. Thanks BB. That poor guy looks stupid. I wonder if some kind of home for idiots might be better than prison. Gated of course. Seems like the kind of person who will never be able to function in the real world. I hate to be so generous with criminals, but, we need a pastoral setting like Northern State Hospital for some of these sorts. Perhaps a lobotomy (not really needed in this case, but, to be safe).

  6. Glad to see Barquet was picked up and is not on the streets any longer. These people who break in to occupied homes are incredibly dangerous.