Armed robbery at 18th and Pike + Shooting near Franklin High

Police pursued multiple suspects on foot after a robbery near E Pike and 18th Ave Friday afternoon. At least one facility in the area was on lockdown during the chase.

SPD says the incident was an armed street robbery involving two suspects reportedly with a gun. The victim was robbed of an iPhone around 12:45 PM before calling police from a nearby coffee shop. A search for the suspects who fled the area on foot was not successful.

Meanwhile, a man was shot in the chest around 12:20 p.m. near Franklin High School in Mount Baker. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

According to the Seattle Times, the shooting occurred near South Byron Street and McClintock Avenue South. The suspect is an Asian of Hispanic male in his late teens to mid-20s. He was wearing a blue jacket and a backpack. He fled the scene in a car and still on the loose.

6 thoughts on “Armed robbery at 18th and Pike + Shooting near Franklin High

  1. Whats to say. Everyone is tired of hearing that we live in a containment zone. We live in a containment zone! Nothing is done,no outrage, no media coverage becuse it is the status quo here. Nothing to see here, move along and ohh by the way a new non-proit social service agency is opening on a site that could be retail. What is it now, a experimental jail facility or some other program where the director and staff pocket the high administration funds they pay themselves and drive north of the ship canal where they live. Not to worry, we will have another meeting about it. We are the cities suckers! Dump it in the CD, let the few who are not burned out vent at a meeting or two and move on. Yepp nothing to see here, move along…..

  2. Again, what’s to say. Something might get something accomplished at some of these meetings if they wouldn’t be disrupted by a loud few who only want their agenda heard. The last meeting about the drones was a joke. Although I missed that one, I saw the video. (In a dream world I saw that loud, awful, woman get bitch slapped) I couldn’t believe that more people, who actually live in this neighborhood, didn’t shut them up. Same with Omari at the one before that. We can’t let these meetings get hijacked by a couple of idiots. If you won’t stand up for your own neighborhood why should anyone else?

  3. only to be told that it is technically a Capitol Hill story or and therefore, will not be prioritized here. This may sound jaded, but is the Franklin story technically in the the CD? I received an email from
    Pat Murakami, SSCPC President regarding this incident. Of course, it is upsetting to hear that anyone in our fair city has been a victim of a crime. So far there is not enough information for a relevant comment. I think that it is a good sign when people wait for solid information before speculating on all possible scenarios.

    As for the I-Phone incident when I first looked at the twitters, I wondered if the hit and run incident in the same area was related. Form what I can tell it wasn’t. The I-Phone incident was reported at 1:01 on the twitter, and this on was as follows: SeattlePD George1 ‏@SeattlePDG1
    Beat:G1, ACC – WITH INJURIES (INCLUDES HIT AND RUN) at 18 AV / E UNION ST reported on 11/2/2012 1:05 PM

  4. I posted the Franklin story for two reasons. 1: The shooter was on the loose, and therefore seems relevant to the CD. 2: The Franklin student body catchment zone does overlap with the very south end of our coverage area, and a big incident like this seemed relevant for CDN. But in general, we do not cover Franklin except for the biggest events.

  5. I suppose that I was mostly responding to Andrew. I see that the Capitol Hill blog is also covering the 18th and E.Pike story.