Five Questions for Central Cinema’s program manager Jason Miller

The Seattle blog Five Questions for You recently interviewed Jason Miller, the program manager at 21st and Union’s Central Cinema (a CDN sponsor). He talks about how he ended up at Central Cinema, his philosophy on choosing films and events, and a “jaw dropping” 80s Sing Along crowd earlier this year.

Here’s one of the questions:

In what ways does your passion for film and personal taste figure into the responsibilities of your job?

I tend to treat Central Cinema like an expanded version of my living room. I  look at it with those eyes. What movies would a group of my friends gather  to watch? And I just went from there. I definitely lean more toward mid ’80s to late ’90s movies, but it is has been great to showcase some of my favorite films like Grey Gardens and Do The Right Thing. I try to see as many films as possible with the audience, and I love meeting people who love the movies we are showing. It is great to hear what they enjoy about it and their experiences with the film back in the day and how it still means so much to them. The Central Cinema crowd is very diverse and very smart, but like to have good time! My kind of people.

Read the other four here.

Speaking of Central Cinema’s programming, so many Joss Whedon fans have been lulled by the siren song of their upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia night that the first night (December 4) has already sold out. This prompted the theater to schedule a second night (December 11). Here’s their upcoming showtimes.

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