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Beware the atypical Christmas shopping spree

This time of year, there are opportunists presumably looking to do their Christmas “shopping” in as economical a way possible. I had some packages stolen off my front porch early one evening last week. So, I thought this would be a good occasion to recommend that, at least during this holiday season, you have your packages delivered somewhere they won’t sit openly unattended. I’ve since had my online purchases re-routed to my workplace and will be requesting that any packages sent by friends and family members from afar also make their way to my office. Your packages may not contain anything of monetary value or items easily pawned, but a thief doesn’t know or care what’s in the box until he’s opened it up. Besides, even the most ordinary stolen items (for example, pots and pans or clothing) make perfectly fine gifts for those who don’t know how they were obtained.

12 thoughts on “Beware the atypical Christmas shopping spree

  1. If only I’d read this earlier. I had two packages that were reported delivered today, but weren’t here when I got home.

  2. I too had a package supposedly delivered by FedEx today that wasn’t there this evening. Anyone else?

  3. How sad. Could be happening to me right now. Might be good to mention date/street where this is happening so we can look out for each other.

    • According to the delivery companies, the second package was delivered to my place after 2 PM, at about the corner of Spring and 24th.

      Note that this still could be a double misdelivery, but it seems a little coincidentally timed.

      • My package was supposedly delivered around 2:45pm on 17th and Alder. Seems an easy score to follow around a delivery truck and just wait it out for the pick up.

    • We had a package stolen off our porch near 25th and Spring the other day – seems like a trend. Too bad.

  4. Happened to us on 24th/spring last Friday – 11/30. Three packages were stolen. We get so much foot traffic courtesy of the post office it hasn’t happened in the 4+ years we’ve been here but apparently our good luck streak is broken.

    • You need to email [email protected] and let us know which user name you want to recover. Users transferred, but emails and passwords did not (annoying, I know, but thanks for patience).

  5. Questionable visitor in the neighborhood:

    I just had a visitor (2PM, Tuesday afternoon, 21st and Alder) knock on my door. He asked if he could rake my leaves but had no gardening equipment with him, and I thought it was a little odd that he was coming to my door, as our leaves had just been raked. Late 20s/early 30s skinny black guy with a loose afro, in a dark hoodie and jeans.

  6. We had two packages stolen off our porch on 21st. One was found ripped open and empty in a neighbor’s yard, and one ripped open but with the books still in it found outside the Union Center for Healing (who dropped it off at our house after they found the address label — thanks!).