Drive-by shooting hits home at 23rd and Alder

A drive-by shooting Monday night struck a home at 23rd and Alder, sending one man to the hospital, according to one neighbor.

The shooting occurred around 10:10 p.m. aimed at the building on the northwest corner. One neighbor said he called 911 when he heard the shots. He said a vehicle honked three times, then fired four shots before speeding off.

The neighbor said one man was struck in the arm and taken to the hospital. We have yet to confirm these details with officials.

Police at the scene declined to give any details, but confirmed that there was no need to worry about an ongoing threat in the area.

The vehicle may have been a dark SUV, but the neighbor did not get a good look.

A nearby house was the target of an October 20 arson. A $10,000 reward was set for information in that case. There is no indication that the incidents are connected.

UPDATE: SPD confirmed via Twitter that a man was shot in the elbow:

UPDATE: SPD has posted more details on the Blotter:

A 20-year-old self-professed gang member was wounded in a shooting outside a Central District home Monday evening.

Around 10:15pm Monday night, the 20-year-old man was walking up to a home on 23rd Avenue and E. Alder Street when a dark-colored four door sedan rolled down the street behind him. Someone in the back seat of the car stuck a gun out the car’s window and fired at least three shots, striking the victim in his arm. The suspects then sped off.

At the scene, several witnesses admitted they had heard the shooting, but refused to provide officers with any other information.

Medics arrived and transported the victim—who admitted to police that he is a member of a Central District gang—to Harborview for treatment.

SPD’s Gang Unit is investigating.

9 thoughts on “Drive-by shooting hits home at 23rd and Alder

  1. It’s easy to be tough when you’re in a car and your intended target is behind a wall. Easy to kill some children that way too. Get out of this neighborhood, you gang of losers. It’s not yours anymore. Leave.

  2. Funny(or sad) how whenever there is a house involved in a shooting and they give the cross streets, I pretty much always know exactly which house it is. At least it’s way safer here than it was 10 years ago.

  3. there are a bunch of kids that live in those apartments, which makes it even worse that that corner is always so active. The vehicle turned down Alder and someone jumped out right after. Something needs to be done about that corner, too many kids there that can get hurt :-(

  4. Whats to say. Everyone is tired of hearing that we live in a containment zone. We live in a containment zone! Nothing is done,no outrage, no media coverage becuse it is the status quo here. Nothing to see here, move along and ohh by the way a new non-proit social service agency is opening on a site that could be retail. What is it now, a experimental jail facility or some other program where the director and staff pocket the high administration funds they pay themselves and drive north of the ship canal where they live. Not to worry, we will have another meeting about it. We are the cities suckers! Dump it in the CD, let the few who are not burned out vent at a meeting or two and move on. Yepp nothing to see here, move along…..

  5. So when you uppitypothead ( not very creative) or a family member catches one in the head, the epitaph I will write in the CD news will say, “this troll’s dream came true”.