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Incident at 20th and Jefferson

Anyone know what is going down at 20th and Jeff?  There were about 9 cop cars. 

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  1. We saw three cop cars pull into Pratt Park area around this time and arrest a shirtless man at 20th and Yesler. My husband was out walking the dog.

    Would love an update.

  2. We’re operating on low bandwidth tonight because I’m still in St Louis. But we will track down more info as soon as I can get it. If any of you neighbors know more, post it here.

  3. No real details as to why or exactly what happened as when was able to see the intersection it was one officer arriving after another. My best guess is officers were in pursuit of a black Monte Carlo and the driver fled the scene. It appears the MC was heading east of Jefferson, gained some distance, turned south a 20th, pulled over and the driver immediately fled on foot. I never even saw the driver, s/he was gone that fast. The first officer on the scene got out, seemed pretty casual and yelled to other pursuing officers the driver ran south. Several of the pursuing officers had guns drawn and took up positions to look down the gaps between houses to see if they could see the fleeing suspect. The last officers to arrive from the west as well as officers approaching from the east jumped back in their vehicles and sped south down 19th and 20th streets. The officers remaining at 20th and Jefferson removed a young woman from the car, searched her purse/bag and spoke with her for a while. After a few minutes, I saw one officer clap his hands a few times and smiling so I assumed they caught the fleeing driver but wasn’t close enough to hear any radio chatter. The woman left with one officer and did not appear under arrest- not cuffed anyway. Police did not impound the fleeing vehicle and never set up a containment area so I assume it was from nothing that happened today. Seemed like they were only interested in the driver but had a lot of interest in speaking with this person.

  4. Wow! Good thing he didn’t break down somebody’s door lloking for a place to hide and then murder them!

  5. What we saw from our home on 20th avenue was a young man being subdued outside his Monte Carlo just south of East Jefferson, and being questioned by two officers while sitting on the curb. The young woman was still in the car at the time. I didn’t see the young man flee thescene who I assume was the driver, but assume he was taken away in one of the three squad cars that left the scene at approximately 7:05. I wasn’t paying total attention to the incidents since I was trying to put my kids to bed. The young women was then taken out of the car and subdued at the front of the squad car while they searched her purse. There was an officer who came down the driveway of our neighbors property and our other neighbors reported seeing an officer in their back yard, apparently searching for something. We didnt get a chance to question the officers before they left the Monte Carlo with the young woman in the squad car. Hopefully we hear soon from SPD what the investigation was related too. There’s been a lot of activity lately, so it’s good to see some investigative work going on, I just hope it’s legit.