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East District Council meeting: Cannabis Legislation and Transportation funds

The East District Council is the City’s preferred way to communicate with neighborhood groups in several parts of our area. For better or worse, I chair the Council this year (but am kind of hoping YOU might want to do so next year).

The Monday October 8th meeting has (uncharacteristically) TWO very interesting topics which should bring you to the meeting, which is 5:45 to 7:45 PM at the Capitol Hill Library (upstairs meeting room, 425 Harvard Avenue East)

1) At 6 PM Councilmembers Licata and Clark will talk with us about the City’s proposed Cannabis Legislation

2) At 6:30 PM Program Manager Therese Casper will describe how we (as groups or individuals) can apply for “Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund” money for large transportation projects:

The Neighborhood Street Fund Program pays for neighborhood transportation projects which are identified and prioritized by the community itself.  The funds for this program come from the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation levy passed by voters in November 2006 which expires in 2015.  The levy has $4.5 million in funds to cover planning, design and construction of a third (and final) round of projects.

Projects will be considered if they are large, but not too large ($100,000 – $750,000), related to transportation, entirely on existing public right-of-way and have the support of their local neighborhood District Council.

At 7PM we’ll revert to the usual dull but important business of District Councils, but you’ll be polite enough to stay, see what we do, and decide if you want to help us make it more interesting and more riveting.

Andrew Taylor,

Chair, East District Council

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