SPD: Arrested suspect in weekend shooting downtown is member of a CD gang

Police have arrested a suspect they say shot a man at 2nd and Pike early Saturday. The suspect, an alleged member of a Central District gang, was arrested in Renton Thursday morning.

From SPD:

Gang detectives have arrested a Central District gang member for shooting a man on a downtown street early Saturday morning.

Around 3:15 am on September 15th, the 25-year-old suspect got into an argument with another man near 2nd Avenue and Pike Street. When the other man punched and shattered the suspect’s car window, the suspect pulled out a pistol, shot the man in the abdomen, and drove off.

Police arrested the 25-year-old gangster Tuesday morning at a home in Renton and impounded his car.

He’s currently being held at the King County Jail for assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

4 thoughts on “SPD: Arrested suspect in weekend shooting downtown is member of a CD gang

  1. but this sounds like a strong case for self defense. The banger was sitting in his car. Man walks up and busts out your window, you gotta think next he might bust yer head. So’s ya shoot him. Matters not that there was a fight prior or not. The “victim” gets into his car – that’s a good sign that the fight is over. Then the “victim #2/suspect” comes up and continues the fight by smashing the window. Victim #1 shoots the suspect in self defense. Victim is then arrested. Of course I have know idea what happened, but, on jury that would be my first read of the story. Prove to me that it was not self defense. Hey, I deplor these violent gangsters. But the right of self defense must be preserved. The guy that got shot did not have to be where he was. He could have walked away. Instead – he walks up to a car and smashes the window. If I were in the car I would have assumed that the guy was coming for me. Let’s say you hit the gas and pull out – running over a bunch of kids in the process, bad plan. Instead pull the gun and fire, sure, bad plan again. But what do you do? Best not to associate with gangs, but, once there, What choice did he have? Shooting justified as self defense until proven otherwise.

  2. Why not drive off? Self defense is not a crime. Why would you want to stick around and risk more violent confrontation? Best to skeedadle know matter who you are.

    Look I’m not saying he’s a good guy. Just saying self defense is not a crime. I said it in support of Zimmerman. I’ll say it in support of this guy. In neither case do I know the truth and I never will. But, the story supports self defense. Gotta take it at face value unless proven otherwise.