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Drunken crowd walking through streets tonight

There’s a large group of people wandering the street drunk and shouting tonight. They past by our place on 16th and we can hear the crowd moving from blocks away after half an hour still. Does anyone know what’s going on?

One thought on “Drunken crowd walking through streets tonight

  1. They woke up our household as well, not sure about the time, we are on 20th. The noise went on for awhile. Last night, I figured someone on our street was having a party, but after seeing your post Brian, I think I would assume it was Seattle U students. I only say that because on 20th, we have had a lot of problems with groups of students wandering to and from various houses at late hours pretty much talking as loud as they can. Often these groups are walking with open bottles of liquor, which I have reported to the police and Seattle U campus security (who are very friendly and helpful, btw).