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Charter School Debate- Leschi Community Council

PRO and CON speakers will help us understand the implications of Initiative 1240

Question and Answer Period following each argument.

Wednesday, October 3rd @ 7:30 pm

      Central Area Senior Center

500 30th Ave. S

one block south of Jackson

     Meet in Solarium

8 thoughts on “Charter School Debate- Leschi Community Council

  1. Oh please. Ken Shram is an attention hound joke. You can’t use his opinion as an argument for anything.

    League of women voters = WEA. Teachers. Jobs for life unionists who stick it to their younger collegues at every turn and rob generations of a chance to learn.

    It’s time to move SPS and union teachers aside.

  2. 2012 Ballot Positions
    Initiative 1240
    Oppose I-1240: Creates a Privately-run, Publicly-funded Charter School System
    Private boards selected by corporations rather than publicly elected by citizens will govern charter schools. An unelected state commission will be created to authorize and oversee charter schools rather than the constitutionally mandated, publicly elected OSPI. The Supreme Court has ruled that Washington is failing to provide ample funding for the basic education of all our students, yet charter schools will drain much needed dollars from existing public schools. Research conducted by Stanford University and others shows that charter schools do not perform better than public schools, and nearly 40% of them do worse.

    LWV believes in representative government that is accountable and assures opportunities for citizen participation. LWVWA believes basic education must be fully funded by the state.

  3. Keep in mind these sources are provided by an SPS administration employee. Of course SPS is afraid of a little copetition. They have never had any and it shows.

  4. The public schools have failed year in year out no matter how much money they have been given. They give money away to non core programs in the worst of times. SPS has no credibility. Their drop out rate is over 40% (no not your doctored up conditional school math figures). The majority that does graduate is unqualified for jobs or college. SPS has sucked the money and dumped generations of Seattle kids lives down the sewer. They will never change. Let’s get somebody else to do the job.

  5. October 4th Forum
    Start: Oct 4 2012 – 19:00
    End: Oct 4 2012 – 21:00
    Timezone: Etc/GMT-7
    Ballot Issues
    Charter Schools (I 1240), Marriage Equality (Ref. 74), Tax Increase Requirements (I 1185), The Seattle Seawall Levy and 4 esoteric statewide measures.
    Seattle First Baptist Church
    1111 Harvard Ave

  6. After reading over this article, I strongly agree with this. I believe a lot more kids would do a lot better in Charter Schools due to their way of teaching and making sure each and EVERY student succeeds. I know of a couple good Charter Schools in Queen Creek, here is one for a reference!