TransMission queer performance, art show and dance party at Washington Hall 2 nights

Transmission will take over Washington Hall Friday and Saturday with performances, food, art and a dance party. The event, which starts at 9 p.m. each night, is presented by the Queer Social Club.

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More details:

This incredible event will consist of two unique shows, featuring the art, voices, films, words, movement, performances, debauchery, hilarity, and incredibly diverse talents of over 30 artists from the transgender and genderqueer community of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring Cherdonna and Lou, Neon and Leon Beige, Paris Original, Jack Stocklynn, Athens Boys’ Choir, the Seattle Premiere of Gold Moon, Sharp Arrow and much, much more!

Queer Social Club is also excited to be partnering with the Kitchen Sink Project, a queer owned operation that bills itself as “one urbanite’s mission to cultivate art, music, culture and education through food.”  Kitchen Sink Project is creating a unique menu of small bites, tastes and cocktails; each designed to represent one of the acts or artists in the show, giving audience members the chance to enhance their viewing with a concessions pack and adding yet another sensational dimension to our project.  The concessions pack will allow you to taste a culinary interpretation of each piece you watch on stage, and will make your evening that much more memorable and mouthwatering.

And after the performance is done, we ALL dance!  (unless you don’t want to, no one’s forcing anything here.  Consensual dancing only)

This show is 18 and over!  

Accessibility info:

Washington Hall is located 153 14th Ave Seattle, WA 98122

The closest bus lines are: #3, 4 and 27

The show and event will take place in the Washington Hall main stage, located on the second floor.  There is no ramp or elevator to this level.  QSC is committed to finding solutions and offering assistance to overcome impediments this may cause for any and all individuals interested in seeing this show.  If you think you will require assistance please contact the producers at [email protected] as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. 

One thought on “TransMission queer performance, art show and dance party at Washington Hall 2 nights

  1. They chose to have their event at a place where there are no “accommodations” for the “disabled”? Isn’t it sad how one community will stab another community for the sake of a party?

    None of us are free untill all of us are free. Consideration in the choice of venue – and loud boycott of those venues who refuse to comply with their LEGAL OBLIGATION of the ADA – should be a given.

    Yet another example of how the trans community has bowed to the white gay abled male power structure. I’m sure their omnipresent bars were able to roll into place.