Seattle Times goofs

What is up at the Times?  Today they put Cappy’s Gym in Capitol Hill.  Yesterday the new halfway house in Jackson Place was said to be in Chinatown.  Do you get the feeling that they don’t know much about our neighborhoods?

5 thoughts on “Seattle Times goofs

  1. KOMO keeps thinking Jefferson Park is in the CD. It’s weird. That’s not even close.

  2. Most of the media that I access have had this same problem for years (incuding PI, Capitol Hill Times, and CDN itself). All of them (including even SPD reports) often confuse Avenues East with Avenues Plain and with Avenues South. And they often call Madrona, Leschi, Squire Park, etc., “South Seattle.” The Seattle Times invented a new neighborhood of “East Seattle” when President Obama visited a home in Broadmoor.

    I have offered to provide the Seattle Times with a city map, but I have received no response.

  3. I wish the DESC Jail Facility was in China Town or anyhwre but being dumped in a upcomming neihborhood.
    They want a ghetto here!

  4. it is a provincial/suburban paper written for people who view Seattle as a place they go to on the weekends for some “culture” and has been for years.

  5. Because they are all new and young reporters and not natives who know the geography. It really urks me when they create new names for neighborhoods.