SPD: Shot fired in 17th/Jackson apartment, nobody injured

Readers contacted us and asked about a shot fired at 17th and Jackson shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

One shot was fired from an apartment and was lodged in the ceiling of the unit above. Nobody was injured.

We called police and they posted the details to the SPD Blotter:

Yesterday at about 6:10 pm, East Precinct officers responded to a report of a shot fired near an apartment building in the 1700 Block of South Jackson Street.  Officers arrived and met with a complainant, who stated that she heard one shot which sounded like it came from behind the building followed by arguing. 

While officers were investigating, a resident came out of the building to report that he also had heard a shot fired and discovered a bullet hole in the floor of his apartment.  Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the bullet traveled from the apartment below, through his floor, and into the ceiling.  The officers entered the building and contained the probable apartment where they believed the shot had come from.  After checking with the apartment manager and several different residents, officers felt confident of the apartment in question.  On duty SWAT and negotiators responded to the scene as well.  Officers were finally able to make telephone contact with the resident of that apartment, who was not in the building.    The resident was not cooperative with officers and refused to answer any questions concerning the possible shot fired from that apartment.

SWAT officers entered the apartment to check for possible victims.  The apartment was empty, and after it was cleared by officers, a bullet hole was located above the couch and a spent shell casing was located on the floor.  The bullet slug from the apartment directly above was retrieved from the ceiling and submitted into evidence.  This remains an on-going investigation.

3 thoughts on “SPD: Shot fired in 17th/Jackson apartment, nobody injured

  1. Reminds me of my dad playing Quick Draw McGraw in the mirror and nearly killing my mom in her bed above. Ah, the CD of the 60’s!

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