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Shots fired on Jackson & 18th?

There were shots fired on Jackson & 18th last night (Wednesday night).

Does anyone have any details about this? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Shots fired on Jackson & 18th?

  1. Dang! That’s close. Would like any info. The more we know the more chance we have to notice clues. 18th and Jackson is a big deal to me. I like the deli there, the Immortal Dog, The new bare will be good even with the Camaro inside, some people like Cheeky (not me), And all the great dog owners that live at Wonder, really nice people. Would hate to let that block of Jackson spiral back into being a dump. I wish we could make the crack head finance office at 1900 Jackson go away. And I don’t like the drug testing lab, but, haven’t actually had a problem with them.

    There’s been too much robbery and vandalism on Jackson. We have got to get our eyes on that block. Carry a pocket full of 2″ rocks and stay in practice. There are lots of egress routes there so you should be able to attack and withdraw pretty well. No point in calling the cops. They solved the Ferrari shooting and won’t be back for a while – not until somebody kills a white guy from Madison or Leschi.