Seattle Times profiles Jackson Street’s animal-free Field Roast

For people looking for alternatives to animal meat, the CD’s own Field Roast creates flavorful and hearty vegan grain meat that leaves so many other meat substitutes tasting like, well, nothing.

The Times recently profiled Field Roast Founder David Lee. From the Times:

Lee, 53, is an entrepreneur with a strong streak of altruism. In 1988, after more than a decade cooking in restaurants, he started Common Meals, the forerunner of FareStart, a culinary job-training program for the homeless and disadvantaged that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The idea for Common Meals stemmed from his commitment to pursue a vocation in the food industry on his own terms: a two-pronged fork, if you will, of creativity and compassionate intent. “There is so much suffering around food,” says Lee. “I’ve always thought it could be different, from the way we treat those who prepare our food to the foods themselves.”

He launched Field Roast in 1997, at about the same time he began practicing Buddhism. His mission was to make a vegan product that could stand up to animal meat. He dislikes terms like “meatless” because “that’s the language of scarcity.” If you look up “meat” in the dictionary, he points out, the first definition is “solid food.”

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7 thoughts on “Seattle Times profiles Jackson Street’s animal-free Field Roast

  1. I’ve had these more than once this week, and I can vouch for how good they are. Po Dog offers them as an option on all their menu items, which is how I discovered them.

  2. I’d heard of northwest tofu, but didn’t know about Field Roast- is Jackson a Mecca for fake meat makers?

  3. I saw the guys on the North side of Jackson – around 1500ish hosing green dye down the storm drain. I was thinking – man why they doing that? And why would they have so much green dye. I hope they don’t put than in my food. Then I notice weird little colored peices in the fake burgers my neighbor eats. Barf. Gimme a steak.

  4. Gimme a break. Don’t like apples, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, onions or mushrooms? Just some of the ingredients found in their roasts along with grain. You ever notice all that brown stuff on the back of a cow? We’ll a lot of it ends up in your steak. There’s also a huge hit to the environment as well as your our tax coffers as a lot of money subsidizes the ranching industry.

    This company makes some great products. Happy to have them in the neighborhood.

  5. No but I wish they did. I asked the owner a while back if he had any plans to do so, He did not.

  6. Just sayin they were washing green dye down the storm drain. And the products are not appealing to me. Neither is chicken. I used to arrest criminals in the Draper Valley slaughter house. Icky. I have a hard time with chicken. Would love a day to come where I don’t have to eat anything that I haven’t shot or clubbed recently.