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Queen Underwood’s first round starts now! – UPDATE: With loss, Queen is out

For those of you following Queen Underwood’s journey to the Olympics, her first round starts now.  You can track the bouts and results, and find a link to watch the match live here: .  It looks like, in this round of 16, she fights a southpaw from Liverpool, England, named Natasha Jonas.  If she wins this fight, she is matched with Katie Taylor of Bray, Ireland, said to be the best lb-for-lb woman boxer in the world.  A steep start for Queen… cheer her on!

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Queen Underwood’s long road to London ended in four rounds early Sunday. She lost to Great Britain’s home-crowd-pleasing Natasha Jones 13-21.

If you have cable or satellite TV, you can watch a replay of the match online (starts at 1:08:30):

14 thoughts on “Queen Underwood’s first round starts now! – UPDATE: With loss, Queen is out

  1. Although she led in the first bout, Queen will not head to the quarter finals. She lost to Natasha Jonas, 13-21. Nonetheless, she is a hometown hero for making it there to fight.

  2. Just the incredible training it takes to get there, the mastery of the technical aspects of fighting, the ability to control the emotions to work every punch, and stepping in that ring to literally lay it all on the line – it’s a sport that demands so much – and I’m so proud of her.

  3. She should be proud and I hope to see her in the next Olympics. Funny all Seattle media avoided mentioned her CD roots. Seattle lives up to it’s polite racist culture.

  4. Yes, she SHOULD be proud. I am proud to be her neighbor. I have the same hopes. That woman is aMAZing… the courage, the self-discipline, the humility, the optimism… local hero, I say.

    Regarding your other comment: Really? CD = a specific race? Is the CD the only neighborhood where African Americans live? I don’t even know where to begin with this. Given that there are photos, it seems the racist-by-omission bait is flawed from the get-go.

    Look to yourself, neighbor.

  5. Cascadia Girl: once again, I wish there was some kind of a “like” or “right on” button….good on’ya!

  6. @ Cascade Girl Not flawed if you have lived here for decades and saw only the negitive sterotyped stories in the Seattle Times and on the TV news. Never stories about this area other than the bad and the ugly always centered around people of color. No need to look to myself, I look at the media and see sterotyped racism.

  7. Can’t speak to your larger point about coverage of the CD as I haven’t been following that. Have been following coverage of Queen, though, and the CD has been mentioned often in press local and otherwise of her: (the links keep getting truncated here, so I’ve given the sites and the titles of the articles, you can google them)

    King5 Olympic Zone Queen Underwood

    Komo News Seattle’s Queen Underwood headed to London, CD mentioned in the photo captions
    Abused as a child, U.S. women’s boxer Queen Underwood refuses to be counted out at Olympics

  8. We have reduced Queen’s rise to the Olympic games to a conversation about race. I was afraid we might not be able to do it, but, I stand in awe. We can boil the pavement down to a race issue. Lot’s of concrete and brick underneeth so even that will be black white and red.

    Good job Queen! Being an Olympian is really something. Winning would have been big bucks, but, still. Wow!

    Now let’s talk about hair.

  9. Amen. Spot on as usual. (“Hair”. Yes. Dude, you always crack me up.)

    And YEAH. let’s turn our attention back to those who deserve it. GO MARLEN AND CLARESSA!!!!